“Chinese blood” ar glasses come out, you can throw away your mobile phone

On August 11, the conference jointly held by nreal and LG U + was held at LG headquarters in Yongshan District, Seoul, South Korea. At the press conference, nreal announced that it would cooperate with LG U + to explore the consumer market of AR glasses, and officially launched the world’s first AR glasses nreal light for consumers. < / P > < p > nreal was founded in January 2017, which is a hybrid reality company started in China, focusing on the research and development of hybrid reality technology. The nreal light ar glasses on display this time are known as the world’s first glasses reaching the consumption level. “We are the first company to make ar glasses less than 100g.” Xu Chi, the founder of the company, told reporters. < / P > < p > for the R & D technology highlights of this ar glasses, Xu Chi has said before: “this is the first AR product directly connected to a mobile phone, driven by a mobile phone, and has a very stable experience in interaction, display and spatial perception.” Analysts believe that the cooperation between nreal and LG U + of South Korea, as well as the launch of nreal light, is an important global event of mobile Internet consumer products, and great changes in the field of mobile computing are coming. < p > < p > at the press conference, nreal and LG U + said that users can get a brand-new augmented reality experience on LG U + network through the binding of 5g Samsung note 20 series smart phones and nreal light, so as to fundamentally change their lives. < / P > < p > it is understood that the new product nreal light ar glasses released this time look like a pair of ordinary sunglasses. They are compact and easy to store and carry with them. Users can see the virtual interface and observe the surrounding environment by wearing glasses. < / P > < p > nreal light supports the direct connection of mobile phones through the type-C interface, and multiple apps can be opened simultaneously. Its field of vision reaches 52 ° field of view, and the developers claim that “users can enjoy IMAX cinema level viewing experience anytime, anywhere”. < p > < p > Xu Chi, founder of nreal, believes that mobile phones are gradually unable to meet the data consumption brought about by 5g high-speed, and AR glasses, a lightweight and compact product, are more likely to be a new product carrying data operation in 5g scenarios in the future. Ar glasses adopt holographic digital projection form to present more high-definition image quality for more users. At the same time, he also believes that AR glasses will replace mobile phones as the next generation of consumer products. He hopes that the products will naturally integrate into the daily life of consumers, and 5g + hybrid reality will break through the experience boundary of existing mobile terminals in the future, and the content display will not be limited by the screen border. At present, thanks to the development of 5g technology, in the 5g environment with high bandwidth and low delay, nreal light has been able to let users enjoy video experience and game fun anytime and anywhere, and has been applied to many daily life application scenarios such as social networking, conference, online shopping, online class, etc. < p > < p > nebula, a 3D system independently developed by nreal, creatively converts the content proportion of conventional 2D applications to 3D interface, and supports all Android native applications. The nebula system was first exhibited in ces in 2020. After active version iteration, the current user interface can fit the conventional interface of smart phones, and connect with the operation habits, so that users can quickly get started. At the same time, it also integrates the advantages of 3D functions, which will bring more intuitive human-computer interaction. < / P > < p > with the support of the nebula system, users can use AR glasses to watch programs while surfing the Internet. They can even arrange three app screens in the field of vision at the same time through custom operation to create a unique viewing and Internet space. < / P > < p > it is understood that the consumer version of nreal light ar glasses is equipped with a pair of nreal glasses and several accessories, including a considerate user’s magnetic myopia lens and four magnetic nose brackets of different sizes. In addition, the nreal light suit also includes a VR glasses cover accessory, which can be used as a light shield to fit the mirror surface and cover the field of vision, which makes nreal light The VR mode can be switched directly, so that users can enjoy a more immersive experience of games and movies, and revel in the wonderful interactive world. At the press conference, song Dayuan, executive vice president of LG + future equipment department, said: “we hope to reduce the barriers of AR glasses market with a very cost-effective price and lightweight design. If 5g will bring great changes to the video entertainment industry, then this U + real glasses will change users’ daily life with rich experience. Through nreal light, we hope that AR technology can be rapidly popularized and activate the AR industry in the wave of 5g development. ” < / P > < p > “the launch of nreal light is a historic moment, which can be said to shake the cornerstone of the mobile Internet industry. “Xu Chi, founder of nreal, said at the press conference that” the cooperation with LG U + enables us to let users have access to nreal light and AR technology in a more user-friendly way. At the same time, through nreal light, users can truly experience the content and fun of mobile Internet, not just ar, so as to enhance the value of 5g smart phones. ” However, objectively speaking, the development and testing of AR glasses still need to be tested by the market. Whether the AR glasses released this time can become the future 5g innovative application products, the reporter will continue to pay attention to it, let us wait and see. 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