Chinese Valentine’s day send girlfriend mobile phone, identify these easy to capture the goddess’s heart

Chinese Valentine’s Day is called Chinese Valentine’s day. As a “love” festival, lovers must give each other gifts, especially men, on this day to give her some surprise. Roses and chocolates are too tacky, and red envelopes are not attentive enough. In contrast, a valuable and surprising smartphone is just right. < / P > < p > different from male consumers, female consumers tend to pay more attention to appearance, photo taking and brand when choosing mobile phone products. After meeting these conditions, if they can still achieve fluency without jamming, they will be a good mobile phone. Next, Xiaobian will recommend the following mobile phones worth sending to girls. The prices are between 1000 and 4000, which are suitable for users with various budgets. < p > < p > Huawei Nova series is a product series specially designed for female users. It integrates cutting-edge design aesthetics, interesting shooting functions and outstanding performance experience, providing personalized choices for new generation consumers. The latest product Huawei Nova 7 series, as a 5g self shooting video flagship for young people, continues Nova’s “trendy” value proposition. With strong self shooting strength, unique design aesthetics and strong comprehensive performance, Huawei Nova 7 Series brings users an excellent use experience. < p > < p > Huawei nova7 Pro is equipped with the industry-leading 32 million autofocus main camera lens, which supports accurate focusing from 20cm to infinity. It can not only make up self portrait of the front lens at about 20cm, record the facial details clearly, but also take full body photos at a distance of more than 1.5m. The auto focus lens can not only focus the face, but also focus the eyes precisely. No matter where you are in the picture, you can always keep the accurate focus with your eyes as the core. < p > < p > in terms of post-processing, Huawei nova7 Pro adopts 50 times periscope zoom and four camera. 64 million HD main camera dual domain joint noise reduction technology can accurately separate and process the scene with high frequency, intermediate frequency and low frequency noise in the video. The video noise reduction ability is improved by 20%, and the video captured in dark light environment is clearer and more detailed. < / P > < p > in addition, Huawei nova7 series is also a good continuation of Nova series of high color value gene, front and rear hyperbolic glass, light and thin body, light grip. The front of the fuselage is equipped with a 6.57 inch 19.5:9 FHD + curved screen, with 70 ° curvature, more advanced visual perception and wider vision. The front and rear hyperboloid fuselage design makes it more comfortable to hold. The core aspect is equipped with the new Kirin 985 5g SOC chip, which adopts the leading process to bring the young people faster, more stable and more intelligent 5g life. < / P > < p > vivo is a mobile phone brand that many female users like very much. The most fundamental reason lies in its beauty, which exudes a strong fashion atmosphere from the inside to the outside. The latest product, vivo S7, is known for its extreme lightness, which is further improved in both hand and appearance. < / P > < p > in addition to its lightweight fuselage design, vivo S7 also has a strong self timer performance. The vivo S7 adopts a higher standard front dual camera combination, which is 44 million pixel main camera and 8 million pixel super wide angle auxiliary camera respectively. Meanwhile, vivo S7 also brings a lot of new upgraded and optimized self shooting functions, such as five super texture beauty 3.0, super night scene self shooting 2.0, portrait multi style 3.0, front super anti shake 2.0, etc. in addition, the addition of auxiliary functions such as 4K ultra clear video also greatly improves the self shooting experience of this new machine, which can not only meet our daily self shooting needs, but also bring More selfie tricks. < / P > < p > in addition to selfie, the improvement of vivo S7 in post photography is also obvious. In its rear camera module, vivo S7 is equipped with 64 million pixel ultra high definition main camera + 8 million pixel 120 ° ultra wide angle lens + artistic style black and white lens three camera combination, as well as super night scene 4.0, texture beauty, video creation and other functions. < / P > < p > in addition, vivo S7 also has a 6.44 inch AMOLED full screen, new Ag frosting process, and the core aspect is equipped with snapdragon 765G processor of 7Nm EUV technology, dual-mode 5g chip, eight core architecture, and the main frequency is as high as 2.4GHz, which makes all kinds of Games easy to deal with. In terms of endurance, it is equipped with 4000mAh Battery + 33W flash charging, zero induction liquid cooling 2.0 technology and full-function NFC system. < / P > < p > glory 30s is the first 5g mobile phone of glory 30 series. The first 7Nm u Qilin 820, 6.5-inch eyewinking full screen, is said to be smooth and not stuck in 30 months. However, the price is only 2399 yuan. At the moment when 5g mobile phones are frequently used for 4500 or even 7000 yuan, it can be said that it is very conscientious to give such a mobile phone to his girlfriend, which is affordable. The most attractive part of the glory 30s is undoubtedly the Kirin 8205g SOC, which supports SA / NSA 5g dual-mode network, and N1 / N38 / n41 / n77 / N78 / N79 six frequency bands, which truly supports the “all network communication” of the three operators and covers the 5g network use requirements in different scenarios. At the same time, it also has built-in 8GB ram + 128 / 256gb ROM, equipped with 4000mAh large battery and 40W super fast charging, which can easily meet the daily needs of users. < / P > < p > in terms of photographing, glory 30s has a 16 megapixel camera in front, which supports AI beauty and super night scene mode. The back adopts matrix camera matrix design, equipped with 64 million pixel HD lens, 8 million pixel triple optical zoom lens, 8 million pixel ultra wide angle lens and a micro lens, covering 17 mm-80 mm focal length 3x optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom and 20x digital zoom. Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition is a 5g mobile phone specially made by Xiaomi for young users. As a 5g mobile phone product with a price of 2000-3000, Xiaomi 10 youth version 5g perfectly combines performance with photography. Once again, Xiaomi 10 youth version 5g has proved that Xiaobei can also be very successful. < / P > < p > the biggest selling point of Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition is taking photos. It is equipped with full focus AI four camera combination. It adopts the combination of 48 million main camera + 8 million wide angle + 2 million macro distance + 8 million periscope long focus lens. It supports 15 mm-122 mm multi focus photography experience and supports 50 times periscope zoom. Daily use can meet the shooting needs of portrait, wide-angle, macro and long-distance scenes. < p > < p > Xiaomi 10 youth version adopts 6.57 inch AMOLED primary color screen, and its core aspect is equipped with high pass snapdragon 765G processor, supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5g network, and supports lpddr4x ram and UFS 2.1 storage combination. In addition, it has a fast charging battery of 415 W. < / P > < p > as a new emerging brand, the performance of realme mobile phone can be said to be very surprising. The latest one thousand yuan 5g mobile phone realme V5 has a 5g, 90hz screen, large battery, flash charging, four cameras and many other bright configurations, and the price is only 1499 yuan. It can be said that this is almost the best time to “get on board” 5g mobile phone. < p > < p > realme V5 adopts 6.5-inch pole smooth speed screen, which accounts for 90.7% of the screen, and the proportion is about 20:9, which is long and beautiful. What’s more, it has 90hz high refresh rate, clear picture, smooth operation and higher quality than the current mainstream 60Hz screen. In terms of photography, realme V5 has a 48 megapixel four camera, which supports ultra wide angle, macro range and black and white portrait shooting, with a wide range of applications, which can meet the needs of daily photography. < / P > < p > in terms of core, realme V5 is equipped with new integrated 5g chip of MediaTek: Tianji 720, which adopts 7Nm process technology and supports 5g + 4G dual card and dual standby. In addition, realme V5 is equipped with 5000mAh large battery and 30W smart flash charging, which not only charges fast, but also has protection measures such as over temperature protection, overcharge protection, over-voltage and over-current protection. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing