Choice difficulties! The color of the iPhone 12mini version is very good, but unfortunately there is no 5g!

In terms of appearance, the new machine may be about to highlight the mini features. A 5.4-inch Bangle screen may be used. On the one hand, this size is smaller than the 6.1-inch Standard Version of the iPhone in the past two years, and it continues to maintain Apple’s layout on small screen phones. < p > < p > this year, all iPhone 12 series adopt OLED screen, but the screen of iPhone 12 Mini is also castrated version, PPI is only 326, because the pixel of a screen is damaged, the actual display PPI is less than 300, which is more effective than the screen of iPhone 11. There are six colors: red, pink, black, green, blue and white. Among them, pink and green are new colors, which are really eye-catching. They should be the main color of iPhone 12 series. < / P > < p > on the other hand, it is slightly larger than the iPhone se 4.7 inches earlier this year, and has the advantage of a full screen. This clearly shows the purpose and intention of Apple’s layout of the iPhone 12 mini, making up for the regret of the iPhone Se and expanding the market coverage of the iPhone 12. The front of the iPhone 12 Mini is equipped with a 5.4-inch OLED screen. The middle frame is right angle design, supports face ID, and dual 12 megapixel camera. From the video point of view, this iPhone 12 Mini is very good-looking and quite cool. This retro design has to gain a lot of design party. < / P > < p > if the iPhone 12 Mini really doesn’t support 5g, its attraction will certainly drop a lot. However, 4G is not out of date now. The 5g network in China has not been fully launched. There is no signal in many places, the charges are not cheap, and the speed limit is often limited. Therefore, it is not a problem for the iPhone 12 Mini that only supports 4G for one or two years. In my opinion, the iPhone 12 with 5g support is better. Although the 5.4-inch screen can be operated by one hand, it still feels that the screen is a little smaller today, and 5g is also a trend. By the end of the year, 5g coverage will reach a certain level. Even if the speed limit is 300mbps, its perception is much better than the current 4G. < / P > < p > Apple launched the iPhone 12 mini, which is positioned as an entry-level model. Without 5g, it can effectively reduce the cost of the mobile phone, so that users in some regions can have a choice when considering the cost performance factor. To meet the wishes of some users, we can use small screen design to reduce the cost and obtain this part of the user market. < / P > < p > there are still some disputes about whether the iPhone 12 Mini supports 5g, but judging from the general price increase of Android this year, if Apple still maintains the same iPhone as last year At the same starting price of 11, there will certainly be a reduction in configuration. It is also possible to cut off 5g, which is the major cost. After all, the 4G market is not small in the world, and it can be called for the consideration of users. < / P > < p > in a word, if the iPhone 12 MINI has been hammered, its performance is not sure. However, in terms of appearance, some foreign media have disclosed that there will be four different versions of the iPhone 12 mini version. In addition, the iPhone 12 series will be available in six different colors. Finally, no matter what, Apple’s 12mini comes with a reduced frequency version of B14, or other high brush and 5g absence, which has become a fact, the choice of the disease! The color of the iPhone 12mini version is very good, but unfortunately there is no 5g! Would you choose to start with this iPhone 12 mini? You just have to wait. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia