Chrome can also edit PDF files now. The 64 bit Android version is online, and the web page loading is 10% faster

As the name suggests, chrome now allows users to group tabs and name them, with each group isolated from each other for user convenience. At the same time, the group supports moving, folding and expanding. < / P > < p > in fact, this feature was launched by Microsoft for the first time. At that time, Microsoft added this function to the edge browser based on chromium. < / P > < p > PGO is a kind of optimization technology based on runtime profiling data. If there is no special way for an application to run and use, it can be considered that the code call has no tendency. < / P > < p > for example, optimization condition jump makes CPU branch prediction more accurate, and it also determines which functions need to be inlined and which do not. < / P > < p > the vulnerability is 8.3/10 in the CVss rating, which means it is a high-risk vulnerability. OpenGL in Chrome browser and other projects, as well as angle, the compatibility layer in Direct3D, are the most vulnerable. In a blog post analyzing the vulnerability, Jon munshaw of Cisco believes that hackers can modify the memory layout of browsers without authorization, so that they can gain control of reusing the vulnerability after being released and can execute arbitrary code. In 2014, Android 5.0 supported 64 bit operating system for the first time. Over the years, most mainstream Android devices and applications on the market have already implemented 64 bit. < / P > < p > and according to the tests of gadgets, the stability and security of 64 bit version of chrome 85 are significantly improved compared with the previous 32-bit version on different browser benchmarks such as octane 2.0 and jetstream 2. < / P > < p > as planned, chrome 85 will become official by the end of August, but Google has not announced whether the Android version will be available at the same time. If you want to try something new, you can download Canary or dev version. < / P > < p > this article is the original content of the signature account of Netease News · Netease account featured content incentive plan. It is forbidden to reprint it without authorization of the account number. < / P > < p > original title: < A= target=_ blank>gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?