Chuangmi and Xiaohuang launched AI camera to win by appearance. Netizen: Menghua

Recently, I saw a cute AI Xiaohuang version of Xiaobai intelligent camera when I was wandering around Xiaomi. But because I have children in my family, it has already been installed in the bedroom and living room. There is no need to start again. What’s more, I really wanted one. So I convinced myself to buy one and put it in front of the door for special monitoring. It’s also good to use it as a decoration or as a background for taking photos. It’s only over 200 anyway. Why should I be restrained. < / P > < p > now I have been using the pan tilt version of Mi’s smart camera, which has been used for more than a year. The most commonly used one is that you can see your child at any time when you are away from work or on a business trip, which is very convenient. In addition, I can also call my mother in time when her phone is silent. Especially when the child accidentally falls down occasionally, you can see the reason and correct it in time to prevent the next danger. < / P > < p > and the most intuitive thing about Xiaobai smart camera AI xiaohuangren version is the appearance upgrade. Under the painting of Xiaohuang’s IP, you can still see the shadow of Mi’s smart camera. But as a qualified camera, performance is of course the most important. First of all, the pixel of the camera has increased from 200W to 300W, and the resolution is still 1080p. But of course, the high pixel brings clearer details. With WDR wide dynamic technology, it will also have a good performance for backlight. < / P > < p > the storage card slot is still designed at the bottom of the camera. It can support up to 256g TF card. In addition, cloud storage is enough for our daily use. If we have NAS like my home, we can also connect to direct storage to expand the capacity of several tons. However, individuals use circular coverage, and 128G is enough. < / P > < p > personally, I think that pan tilt and flip flop support are the necessary configuration for home smart cameras. I have also used Xiaofang and Dafang cameras before. Xiaofang can only fix the angle and need to rotate manually. Dafang can’t flip it, so it’s useless to buy it for two days. So I always like this kind of 360 ° electric rotation camera, which can be directly hung upside down in one corner of the room. It can directly cover three quarters of the room. If you need to see the places that can’t be covered, you can operate it on your mobile phone. < / P > < p > in terms of software, as an ecological chain enterprise of Xiaomi, it is still connected to Mijia. There are 39 cameras connected to Mi’s home. Of course, most of them are the products of chuangmi. The connection is still very simple and can be completed in one minute. The interface of < / P > < p > is different from the conventional camera interface. It uses the buttons of the image of the little yellow man, and the buttons to adjust the up, down, left and right also uses the most representative big eyes of the little yellow man. In terms of imaging, because of the upgrading of pixels, it really feels clearer. The biggest feature is the new addition of low light level full-color imaging, which changes the situation of only bright full-color or no light black-and-white before, prolongs the duration of color images and improves the experience. < / P > < p > the AI Xiaohuang version of Xiaobai intelligent camera of chuangmi under Xiaomi can be said to be a small upgrade. It retains the original 360 ° pan tilt, flip, side mount, two-way voice functions, while upgrading the quality of the camera, low light color, etc. Of course, the appearance is still the most eye-catching. Xiaohuang’s IP can be said to be suitable for all ages. No matter where it is placed, it is not abrupt. Meimeng can be said to be a good hand. Would you take the appearance as an important reason for choosing a camera? Please leave a message below and remember to pay attention to me to see more scientific and technological products. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine