CJ, the fastest growing manufacturer in Europe, joined hands with Qualcomm to accelerate game industry reform

Recently, canalys, a well-known organization, released the Q2 quarterly report of the European smartphone market. Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi, with 17% market share and 65% year-on-year growth, has become the fastest growing manufacturer in the European market. Especially in the Western European market, Xiaomi’s Q2 growth rate has exceeded 116%. In Spain, the market share continues to occupy the first place. It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi was the only company with a share growth in Europe in the second quarter except apple. In the past year, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers represented by Xiaomi have launched a series of 5g mobile phones, which have attracted the attention of global consumers. In this year’s chinajoy2020, Xiaomi also brought its latest flagship 5g mobile phones, such as Xiaomi 10 pro and redmi K30, on display, and prepared eight heavy games such as mobile game which were not online for the audience to experience. With the further popularization and expansion of 5g, the high-speed and low delay characteristics supported by 5g not only enhance the communication scenarios of mobile phones, but also broaden the application of 5g mobile phones in the game industry. As can be seen from this China joy, many terminal manufacturers like Xiaomi are promoting the transformation of new game industry form through their own game ecological products under 5g enabling. < / P > < p > first of all, professional 5g game phones have appeared frequently. In the past few months, several 5g game phones carrying the 5g mobile platform of Qualcomm snapdragon 8 series have been released, such as Lenovo’s first 5g E-sports mobile phone duel, black shark’s 3S with Tencent and Nubia’s red devil’s 5S game phone have also attracted much attention. < / P > < p > these 5g mobile phones not only bring super fast 5g connection performance and powerful processing performance, but also fully integrate the game features supported by the latest generation of snapdragon elite gaming, so that players can experience the game experience with higher frame rate and higher image quality. In addition, some head games will be better optimized in the new features of end game level supported by elite gaming. Previously mentioned mobile phones such as Xiaomi 10 pro and redmi K30 Pro have been implemented. In the future, more mobile phones on the snapdragon platform will be supported. < p > < p > at the preview meeting before the opening of ChinaJoy, the president of Qualcomm Ammon said: 5g high-speed and low latency features can support faster game loading, smoother multiplayer games and real-time cloud games anytime, anywhere. With the technological upgrading, we are also transforming the top mobile terminal into a powerful “game console”. < / P > < p > in addition to professional 5g game phones, new game terminal forms such as AR and VR have also been greatly supported and promoted in the development of 5g. Many VR / AR game products have appeared in ChinaJoy this time. With the help of 5g’s high-speed and low delay characteristics, combined with the new “cloud game”, VR / AR game terminals can be made more portable and have more shocking visual effects, Various technology manufacturers are also making efforts to promote the development of XR. For example, Qualcomm has announced that it will cooperate with China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and other global operators, smartphone manufacturers and XR viewer manufacturers to launch portable XR viewer products equipped with snapdragon 8-series 5g mobile platform or connected with computing units within next year. < / P > < p > not only the game itself, but also the competitive competition and live game broadcasting industries will further experience with the support of 5g terminals and 5g networks. In order to promote the transformation of the game industry faster, all terminal manufacturers and technology manufacturers are working hand in hand to speed up the output of game terminals and game content industry on the basis of the rapid coverage of 5g network. With the development of 5g, it is believed that the game industry will also usher in a new change. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?