Coloros 11 officially released: three major features have been comprehensively improved, and cross terminal integration can enjoy the ultimate pleasure

The oppo developer conference, with the theme of “smart convergence for the future”, was launched online at 9:30 a.m. on September 24. Meanwhile, the new coloros 11 was officially released in the conference. Adhering to the concept of “creating boundless”, coloros 11 improves from three aspects of personalized creation, seamless experience and sensory level. Through the functions of infinite display screen, flash window and anti jam engine, coloros 11 integrates people, equipment and scenes organically, bringing users more colorful, multi terminal, safe and convenient full scene experience. < p > < p > according to the introduction, coloros 11 integrates the system customization ability, opens the user the right to set the system UI and UX, and introduces a “personalized engine”. Users can customize and adjust the information screen, desktop, wallpaper, voice, font and control. Among them, coloros 11’s “unlimited information screen” is different from the traditional mobile phone information screen. It can automatically generate personalized information screen patterns by sliding or rotating the user’s fingertips. More importantly, these patterns are completed by users themselves and are unique. < / P > < p > coloros 11 also pioneered the “multi-level dark” mode, adding different intensity of dark adjustment, which can fully adapt to more people and more occasions. In addition, in terms of the detailed experience of system design, coloros 11 supports to adjust the font thickness at will, and also provides free customization of system theme color. Users can also select different musical instruments and rhythm, and simply drag to generate a notification ring. < / P > < p > in order to create a seamless experience of full scene integration, the “flash up window” in coloros 11, as a new function, uses the slide up gesture to instantly call out the small window mode, and further realizes a more convenient suspension window, allowing the app to switch in different States of full screen, small window and mini window, so as to realize multi task parallel processing. Users can also move files freely through the floating window through the sidebar to get rid of the limitation of the window completely. Users can also open more window applications in the sidebar, and drag files through floating windows to create a seamless experience of full scene integration. < / P > < p > in terms of user privacy security, coloros has made a comprehensive improvement. Coloros 11 has upgraded the “codebook” function on the basis of coloros 7, launched a new “cloud codebook”, which supports hardware tee and cloud encryption, and has passed multiple security authentication such as ISO27001, iso27701 and trustarc. Even if it is a brand-new device, as long as you log in to heytap account, you can realize the seamless transfer of passwords among multiple devices. The “whole machine cloud backup” function can periodically back up the overall data of the mobile phone, even including wechat chat records, which can be viewed and recovered at any time, and there is no need to worry about the loss of data or records. In addition, coloros 11 also adds the functions of “single authorization of permissions” and “automatic recovery of idle permissions” to avoid excessive authorization and abuse of permissions. In addition, Android 11 has added a new “sandbox mechanism” to allow applications to access only authorized data and prevent important data from being stolen or damaged by the background. < / P > < p > coloros 11’s seamless experience is also reflected in the aspect of multi terminal interconnection. After the “screen sharing” function is enabled on the mobile phone end and the mobile phone end, it can share the other party’s mobile interface and remotely assist the other party’s mobile phone operation; After connecting with the watch, it supports information synchronization with oppo watch, and can receive and receive phone calls and messages through the watch. Even the sleep status monitored by the watch can be visually displayed in the system. In terms of interconnection with TV, when the screen is quickly cast on the TV, the mobile phone privacy information will be automatically filtered. Even if you don’t need to quit the social software before the screen is put on, the personal information security can be guaranteed. Coloros does its best to protect users’ privacy.

mobile phone system fluency, ColorOS 11 launched the “anti carton engine”, from resource scheduling, resource mining, resources anti-aging and abnormal optimization four aspects, covering multi application scenarios. In addition to the improvement of the bottom layer of the system, coloros 11 upgraded “quantum animation engine 2.0”, which simulates real physical motion through rich animation details compensation, making the system animation and interaction more smooth and natural. More importantly, coloros 11 brings a complete set of solutions for high refresh rate. The anti jam engine and quantum animation engine 2.0 provide a more comprehensive and smooth experience under the dual guarantee. < / P > < p > at present, there are more than 370 million monthly live users of coloros, which not only brings a lot of improvement in design, function, openness and fluency under the concept of “creating boundless”; in the era of 5g integration of all things, users can fully release their personal opinions on coloros system, and truly enjoy seamless experience in sensory level interaction. In the future, coloros will continue to improve the user experience, create better products for the purpose of openness and integration, and jointly create the future.

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