coming! Redmi official publicity campaign: tablet computers, new watches ready to go

The opening of the new “restaurant” this time, there are not many “dishes” prepared, only three, but all of them are high-quality products. Many words are prepared, but every sentence is dry goods. What you want to know, what Lu Weibing wants to say is all on the table. Users are welcome to have a taste of the dishes and have a chat at 8:00 p.m. on August 27. < / P > < p > at present, the relevant activity pages have been officially launched in Xiaomi mall, but the specific details of this “restaurant opening” activity are not introduced in detail. According to netizens’ conjecture, this live broadcast may be different from the traditional large-scale press conference, which is closer to Lu Weibing’s single person with goods live broadcast feeling. This kind of earth gas practice is really interesting. < / P > < p > as the red rice official said, three new products are expected to be released in this conference. According to the slogan “eat the year of 1999 blindly”, the first product should be a product with a price tag of 1999 yuan, that is, the redmi K30 supreme commemorative version announced some time ago. Personal guess, Lu Weibing may introduce the brand-new color matching of the model in this activity, giving users more choice space. < / P > < p > after careful observation, we can see that there is a label in this microblog – “redmi @ Mi tablet”, which is a tag related to Xiaomi / redmi tablet. Personal speculation, previously rumored redmi tablet computer is expected to be officially released at this conference. According to previous reports, the unit will be equipped with MediaTek processor, support dual-mode 5g, Wi Fi and 5g versions for users to choose from, equipped with new MIUI for pad system, equipped with four speakers, 30W wired fast charging, 90hz display screen. < / P > < p > finally, according to the microblog blogger @ digital chat station, redmi’s first smart watch is about to appear, which is also the third smart watch product launched by Xiaomi’s brand. At present, among the products on sale, the color of Xiaomi smart watch is 799 yuan, and the price of Xiaomi smart watch is 1299 yuan. Generally speaking, it is rather expensive. I hope redmi smart watch can pull down the price. Older posts →