Compared with Kirin 9000, the most powerful mobile phone chip integrates 12.5 billion transistors

Every year, Apple’s new product launch is regarded as the “Spring Festival Gala of the science and technology circles”. In this “Spring Festival Gala” this year, the most expected roles of users are undoubtedly the iPhone 12 and apple A14 processor. At present, the appearance and hardware information of the iPhone 12 has been exposed. Moreover, with the gradual increase of users’ understanding of the products, the importance of Apple A14 chip to the iPhone 12 series is becoming more and more obvious. < / P > < p > according to official data, apple A14 processor will be built with TSMC 5nm technology. With the new technology, compared with apple A13, the chip size will be reduced and the power consumption will be reduced. Energy efficiency and data processing capabilities have improved, mainly because higher technology allows apple to integrate more transistors on a chip of the same size. It is reported that the number of transistors on A14 chip will reach 12.5 billion, one third more than that of A13 chip. < p > < p > the GPU and CPU of Apple A14 processor will also be upgraded. No accident, apple A14 processor will become the strongest chip in the future. As a result, A14 will also be a tit for tat opponent of Kirin 9000 processor. After all, Kirin 9000 chip and apple A14 chip are the only 5 nm chips that can achieve mass production this year. Moreover, according to the analysis of the product characteristics of the two manufacturers in the past, A-Series processor and Kirin chip have their own advantages and disadvantages. < / P > < p > as mentioned above, the A-Series chips are incomparable in performance, which is also the main reason why Apple phones can have high premium features for a long time. Even the A13 chip released in 2019 has the same performance as the snapdragon 865plus processor recently released by Qualcomm. However, in terms of function, the performance of Apple’s A-Series chips is not very impressive. < p > < p > Apple has tried to develop 5g modem independently, but at present, the research and development rate of the chip is likely to end in failure. Although the iPhone 12 supports 5g function this year, it is only realized by carrying a high-throughput x55 baseband chip. The third-generation 5g baseband technology will be released soon, which will make Apple’s first 5g mobile phone in an awkward situation. < p > < p > by contrast, Kirin 9000 processor has been confirmed to bring users a new 5g experience. According to the official publicity, Kirin 9000 chip will be equipped with a new generation of 5g baseband. In terms of signal receiving ability and data transmission, Kirin 9000 is better than others. < p > < p > of course, in terms of comprehensive strength, the strongest processor is A14. After all, at present, 5g function is only a value-added project, which really determines the user experience or performance. In this regard, the performance of Apple’s A-Series chips has never let consumers down. What do you think of this? Older posts →