Compared with the previous paragraph full of freshness, talk about Apple 12’s actual feelings these days

On October 23, Apple has delivered iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro to pre order users. As the first user, I was still excited to get the iPhone 12. After all, apple finally changed its appearance design id over the years. Although it only returned to the design of iPhone 4 in the middle frame, it has been waiting for years for fruit powder. It’s hard to imagine that a lot of fruit powder have a stubborn attitude towards such design. For example, friends around the author still use the first generation of iPhone se. After the appearance of iPhone 12, he told me that he would definitely buy it, especially the mini model, which is really the second generation of iPhone Se in his mind! < / P > < p > to tell you the truth, I prefer this kind of design, but it has not reached the level of my friend’s “insanity”. I also used a number of iPhone devices, and I bought the iPhone this time 12 is completely aimed at 5g and gaotongji. As I have been dominated by Intel baseband for many years, Apple’s replacement with Qualcomm x55 is just a major upgrade. In the future, I may never have to face the embarrassment of hanging up in the middle of a phone call again! < / P > < p > after using the iPhone 12 for a day, the fresh feeling on the appearance will soon disappear. After all, there is not much change. The main thing is that after changing the straight edge, you need to adapt to the feeling of hand cutting. In fact, the feeling of hand cutting is not so strong. After all, most people need to wear protective covers, so it is meaningless to cut hands! In addition, this time Apple directly killed the 2.5D glass, using a piece of flat glass. When using it back, the edge brings a strong sense of maladjustment. The previous smooth feeling is still there, but there is always a strange feeling! < / P > < p > in addition to the appearance changes, the iPhone 12 also has two key upgrades. One is to replace the LCD with OLED screen, the other is to support 5g. Other aspects of the upgrade are basically conventional upgrades, such as A14, photo algorithm upgrade, fast charging speed and two watts. < / P > < p > first of all, this year’s OLED screen is different from that of previous years. In the past, the quality of the screen is an important parameter to distinguish the entry-level model from the flagship model. For example, the 11 model uses the LCD screen, while the pro model uses the OLED screen. The resolution and pixel density of the two are very different. However, this time, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 are different There seems to be little difference in the screen of pro. All parameters are almost the same. The only difference is that the maximum brightness value of iPhone 12 is 625 nit, while that of Pro is 800 nit. However, this difference is not obvious in actual experience. Because of this, the performance price ratio of 12 will be highlighted. At present, my city has not covered 5g in the whole city, and the local signal coverage of 5g is not particularly good, so I have no final conclusion about the real experience of this part. Now it’s embarrassing. 5g mobile phones are available, 5g packages are available, and 5g is not available. < / P > < p > other aspects, photos, iPhone Compared with Pro, it is short of a telephoto lens and a radar sensor, but under normal use environment, they almost do not affect the use. After all, ordinary people like us will find it very nice to see the samples taken by apple, but it is almost difficult for us to take such photos. Most of them record their lives and then use some beauty or video editing software Process it and upload it to your social platform. So pro is more suitable for people who have professional needs for taking photos. We ordinary people don’t necessarily feel his power. < / P > < p > there is also the problem of headphones and chargers. I have bought the third-party quick charging head and airpods, so they are not just needed for me. For those friends who didn’t jump from the iPhone 6. On the one hand, their own headphones are 3.5mm, but Apple canceled the earphone hole as early as iPhone 7. In the previous two years, apple canceled the 3.5 to l adapter cable, and this year, they did not have a headset, so they had to buy another L-port headset or an airpods Since 8:8, it has supported 18W fast charging, but Apple has always been a free 5W charging head. Until the two models of iPhone 11 pro, they only give 18W PD chargers. However, this time, iPhone 12 has sent a C to l charging cable. That is to say, if you don’t buy a PD charging head, only 11 pro and 11 Pro Max users can really use the charging head at home. In the past, the price of 20W is more than the price of 20W, which is more than the price of 20W. All this is undoubtedly Apple’s face of “environmental protection”. Users will buy rechargeable heads and headphones, which will lead to waste of cartons and logistics. I would like to ask, where is the environmental protection? Clearly, I want to reduce the cost, reduce the price and enhance the competitiveness by reducing the accessories. If we stimulate the sales of airpods, it will be a great victory! < / P > < p > although Apple’s so-called environmental protection action is still controversial, I still want to say that the biggest feeling of using the iPhone 12 is that it still tastes like apple. This is the taste of the system! As the iPhone 12 has been skipping tickets for a month, we used IOS 14 early. Although the iPhone 12 comes with the latest IOS 14.1, the update of this small version does not seem to have a big impact. I can only say that if you change an iPhone every year, it’s really hard for you to feel the change when you change your mobile phone, but your mobile phone system will not stagnate. This seamless connection is really good. The biggest feeling is that there is no feeling. Maybe it is the biggest advantage of apple! Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?