Comprehensive analysis of one plus 8t: 5g mobile phone minority King returns, cost performance high-end all have!

When it comes to plus, people often think of high-end, niche and powerful performance first. As a subsidiary of oppo, most of the models launched by Yijia are high-end flagship mobile phones. Mobile phone mobile phone awesome collocation will be more restricted as part of the hardware, otherwise it will easily affect the sales of big brother. It is precisely because of the overall strength of the 8 plus series of mobile phones introduced in the first half of this year, but the fast charging speed is very slow in flagship mobile phones. However, the one plus 8t, which no longer has a charging short board, was born. The price of its 12 + 256gb version is only 3699 yuan, which will undoubtedly become a generation of machine king. Let’s have a comprehensive analysis of this model today. < / P > < p > in general, the data of one plus 8t is not the top in the current mobile phone industry, but it is the leader in the same price products! It can be said that the emergence of “one plus eight tons” enables manufacturers to find a good balance between performance and price. At the same time, as a straight screen model, it is more comfortable for mobile game players than curved screen mobile phone. < / P > < p > advantages: one plus 8t has many advantages, the most important of which is the price. The starting price of 8 + 128GB is 3399 yuan, but the top configuration version of 12 + 256gb is only 3699 yuan! The price is even cheaper than the one plus eight standard version released in the first half of the year. Although this time one plus 8t uses the face-to-face screen, it is not a disadvantage. In the hands of game players, it even has advantages. In addition, with the extremely high sampling rate of 240Hz, whether it is the king’s group or eating chicken, it can make your micro operation faster. After carrying so many excellent hardware, the weight of one plus 8t bare machine is only 188g, and the sense of weight is just good. < / P > < p > disadvantages: the main drawback of one plus 8t should be that it does not support wireless charging. Secondly, in its rear camera module, the black-and-white lens with 200W pixels obviously makes up for the number. What makes it hard for many users who pursue the ultimate performance is that one plus 8t does not use lpddr5 memory, but uses the previous generation of lpddr4x memory. Although the usage gap is not very large, it can still feel the difference when installing large files. < / P > < p > recommended users: Although there are some shortcomings in one plus 8t, in fact, there is no shortage of high-quality hardware such as motors and external speakers of T1 echelon in the domestic mobile phone market. If your purchase budget is about 3500 yuan, and you can get used to the simple hydrogen system, then you are right to buy it. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally