Computational photography makes “SLR blockbuster” easy to shoot

Technology driven, building leading intelligence. From August 14 to 16, the 23rd computer aided design and graphics academic conference, sponsored by China Computer Society and exclusively sponsored by hongruan, will meet you online as scheduled. Academician pan Yunhe of Zhejiang University, Professor Hu Shimin of Tsinghua University, Professor Qu Huamin of Hong Kong University of science and technology, Professor Dani lischinski of Hebrew University and other famous experts and scholars attended the meeting, and brought several special lectures around the cutting-edge visual intelligence technology. In addition, many outstanding young scholars and technical personnel in related fields also gather here to discuss, exchange and share the latest research results. In this paper, academician pan Yunhe introduced that the application of visual technology is one of the keys to the development of new visual intelligence. All along, enterprises play an important role in transforming scientific research achievements into products. Therefore, as the invited enterprise representatives of this conference, senior algorithm experts of hongruan also shared the large-scale application of hongruan visual intelligent technology in the field of mobile camera in detail. < / P > < p > in fact, after the end of the era of mobile phone pixel war, computational photography technology has become the biggest driving force for the development of smartphone photography. Among them, hongruan, as the global core algorithm supplier, has played a very important role. According to IDC statistics, at present, the top five mainstream models of Android mobile phones in the world are equipped with hongruan visual algorithm products, including single / double / multi camera shooting, depth camera shooting, periscopic long focus camera stepless zoom, 3D expression, 3D modeling, AR / VR, face unlocking, super pixel lossless zoom and other important core functions. < p > < p > hongsoft algorithm experts introduced in the theme report that mobile phones have become the most widely used photography equipment at present. In 2017, about 85% of the photos were taken by smart phones. With the intervention of computational photography technology, mobile phone photography has become more HD and more intelligent. Take high power optical zoom as an example. In the past, this function was patented by SLR cameras. And hongruan intelligent multi camera technology can make the smartphone realize the shooting from super wide angle to long focus through the combination of super wide angle, wide angle and high power long focus lens. At the same time, the intelligent sat algorithm of hongsoft can perfectly solve the problem of image skip caused by shot switching, and bring the hardware performance to the highest level. < / P > < p > in addition to high-power optical zoom, the level of night shooting also represents the camera strength of current smart phones to a large extent. Hongruan’s super night scene shooting algorithm integrates anti shake, multi frame fusion, denoising high-definition, HDR and other technologies, which can realize long hand exposure during night shooting, resulting in clear film, perfect brightness and rich details. < p > < p > with the gradual popularization of 5g, users’ demand for mobile video shooting and sharing will break out in an all-round way. This time, hongsoft also shows many practical and rich video shooting functions brought by computing photography technology. For example, it can realize super anti shake technology for shooting 8K video; super deflicker for video de flickering; video portrait for shooting video portrait effect; video HDR for shooting high dynamic and high-quality video. < / P > < p > in the advanced way of mobile phone photography, another trend worthy of attention is that with the maturity of TOF technology, depth camera is not only a patent in front, but also a special depth camera can be configured in the rear. This also means that mobile phones can bring more interesting, more exciting and more practical AR / VR applications like special devices. < / P > < p > in order to let everyone more intuitively experience the application of virtual reality and augmented reality in smart phones, hongsoft algorithm experts also brought a series of company’s latest technology products. If 3D modeling has entered the stage of mass production, users can easily and quickly obtain 3D models by scanning people or objects with 3D depth camera. < / P > < p > at the same time, body AVATA, which integrates face key point technology, hand bone key point technology, gesture recognition technology and human skeleton key point technology, not only limits the AR interaction between human and mobile phone, but also extends to the whole body, including tracking the movement track of eyes, tongue, arm, leg and body, so as to realize the interaction of whole body movement and posture. < / P > < p > there is also hongruan slam technology which can be used as a daily measurement tool. As long as a mobile phone can replace the ruler, protractor and other tools, it can accurately measure the length, angle, distance, area and other data of the actual object. < / P > < p > there are many similar innovative applications, and behind this is a complete set of visual intelligence technology system support. Over the years, hongruan has always adhered to the establishment of technology and driven development by original science and technology. At present, it has successfully gathered a large number of experts in the field of vision, and has attracted excellent talents from domestic and foreign first-class universities as a fresh force. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally