Concept map of iPhone 12pro: 2.5D floating screen Yuba 4. After watching it, I think it is more fragrant than Hua Hua

At present, Apple has more concept renderings. In particular, the outside world has exposed some information about Apple’s next-generation flagship iPhone 12 series. Among them, the appearance design and hardware parameters of the standard flagship phone iPhone 12pro have also been exposed, and they have also been made into concept renderings. In this set of concept renderings, the design of iphone12pro is in the specification Moment, mainly the rear camera has changed. < / P > < p > the front screen design of the iPhone 12pro should be said to be the familiar mobile phone feeling of apple, such as the retention of Liu Haiping screen, but the screen does not adopt hyperbolic design. However, the screen glass of the iPhone 12 Pro uses a floating screen design, and the screen glass uses a round 2.5D design. Although the appearance is still familiar with Apple style, the iPhone 12pro is still very round and beautiful. < / P > < p > the Liuhai screen of the iPhone 12pro is still retained, and the glass of the screen is higher than the fuselage. In addition, the frame part of the iPhone 12pro adopts the appearance design similar to the iPhone 4, which has a strong flavor of iPhone 4. The retention of Liu Haiping shows that there is no breakthrough in the technical problems of the front camera and face recognition module of the iPhone 12pro, especially the off screen front camera and face recognition unlocking module. It seems that Apple has not solved this problem. < / P > < p > the body design of iphone12pro is mainly reflected in the rear camera lens module, which is still square in appearance. However, the number of rear cameras in the lens module has also been upgraded. The number of camera heads in the rear lens module has been directly upgraded from three to four, and the four cameras surround one in the middle Flash for layout. < / P > < p > for the hardware parameters of the camera on the iPhone 12pro, the camera added to the iPhone 12pro adopts black coating. The coating of this black lens is called ilad, which is a lidar scanning lens. At present, after the iPhone 12pro is equipped with this lens, it can focus the distant objects better, and it is said that this camera can focus on the distant objects better The camera can also better support the AR shooting of iPhone 12pro. The other three cameras of the iPhone 12 Pro will still use 12 megapixel lenses, and there will be no more changes in hardware. In terms of the hardware parameters of the iPhone 12pro, it is said that the apple A14 processor will be manufactured with a completely different 5-nanometer process, which will greatly improve the performance and power consumption of the processor. In addition, it is said that the iPhone 12pro will also be equipped with a new two-way wireless charging technology, which will allow the iPhone 12pro to wirelessly charge other apple devices. Do you think the design in the iPhone 12pro concept rendering is beautiful? However, some fruit fans said that the design of the iPhone 12 Pro is not new. Do you think the design of the iPhone 12 Pro meets your requirements? Skip to content