Confident! With 70 million iphone12 in stock this year, will Apple not worry about sales?

According to sources in the industry, Apple will produce 70 million iphone12 units this year, and these machines will be sold in the global market after they are released. Even under the influence of the epidemic, apple is still confident about its own products. Can the sales of iPhone 12 series machines meet Apple’s expectations? Small house comprehensive netizen’s appraisal gives the small partner to analyze. < / P > < p > some consumers think that the apple A14 chip carried in the iPhone 12 series is “squeezing toothpaste”. Compared with the previous generation, the CPU performance is only improved by about 17%, while the GPU is increased by about 8%; the support of 5nm technology does not make the performance of Apple A14 chip “hang” the previous generation of Apple A13 chip, so the performance of Apple A14 chip is not satisfactory to consumers. Therefore, iPhone 11 is adopted Users of series machines may not change machines. < / P > < p > however, Daisaku believes that in addition to the apple A14 chip, iPhone 12 series machines support 5g network, which is what many consumers pay attention to. All previous iPhones do not support 5g network. Under the circumstance that “greedy” Android mobile phone users have used 5g network for a year, iPhone 12 series machines supporting 5g network may become a “Assassin’s mace”, and Apple will make great efforts Promote this selling point. < p > < p > in addition, performance is not the selling point of Apple phones. For example, compared with the previous generation of Apple A7 chips, the A8 chips of iphone6 and iphone6 plus are not improved much, and the storage medium of nvme protocol is not introduced. However, due to the “large screen” design of the series of machines, it has sold 220 million units in the global market, which is the highest sales volume of all previous iPhones. < / P > < p > Apple’s selling point for the machine is very “stingy”. This year, the main selling point of iPhone 12 series machines is 5g function, which is not difficult to explain why before the release, people in the industry chain said the iPhone 12 The Pro Series doesn’t have a high refresh rate screen – because Apple doesn’t need so many selling points, the iPhone is already in the absolute leading position in the high-end mobile phone market, and one more selling point every year can attract consumers to buy. < / P > < p > after the launch of the iPhone 11 series last year, many consumers exclaimed that the design was ugly. However, the price of the iPhone 11 was 1000 yuan cheaper than that of the iPhone Xer, which made the iPhone 11 the only flagship phone whose starting price was lower than that of the previous generation. Because of its advantages in price, the iPhone 11 became the best-selling flagship phone last year The quantity can reach tens of millions. < / P > < p > if the iPhone 12 is not equipped with a charger and headset, the price of the machine may continue to be the starting price of the previous generation of iPhone 11. In this case, the iPhone 12 supporting 5g network may become a “Zhenxiang” flagship phone. After all, the price of Android flagship phones is relatively high this year, and even Xiaomi, whose main “cost performance” brand, sold the flagship phone for 5000 yuan If the iPhone 12 also sells for 5000 yuan, then the product competitiveness is very strong. In the high-end mobile phone market, apple does not worry about sales. If the sales volume is not good, price reduction and promotion can attract a large number of consumers’ attention; now Apple plans to stock 70 million units, but Xiaozhai thinks that the problem is not big. With Apple’s strong marketing ability, these machines can probably sell at a good price. New product launch