Confirm again! IPhone or wechat? A piece of news comes, no longer in a dilemma!

“Understand Wang”, who is good at fighting in disorder, may not understand what wechat is. Wechat’s status in the hearts of Chinese people directly announced the “ban” on wechat, which made a number of Apple users in a dilemma! As we all know, blocking wechat will affect Google play and apple mall app store. Because of the open source nature of Google system, wechat files can be downloaded from a third party. But Apple’s app store is the only distribution channel for developers. Blocking wechat will eventually lead to Apple becoming the biggest victim in the “wechat ban”! < / P > < p > according to a third-party research organization, in the survey of millions of netizens “choose iPhone or wechat”, netizens’ voting has been one-sided, and 95% of users choose to change their mobile phones and use wechat! If the United States implements the ban on wechat, the United States will draw a “full stop” for the US technology giant apple in China’s market. Trump, who can collect the wool of Chinese Internet enterprises in order to generate income for the United States, will not punish himself. Subsequently, the media said that trump privately comforted apple and other enterprises, saying that it would not affect its normal operation in China It means that the domestic Apple App store will not be affected, but wechat wechat in the United States is different! On September 18, local time, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued a statement that “Americans are prohibited from downloading wechat from September 20.”. What many people didn’t expect was that on the day of the ban, wechat’s download volume surged. For a time, wechat’s name from Apple’s App Store ranking after 1000 to the top 100. It’s not hard to find that almost all Chinese or overseas Chinese have downloaded wechat! < / P > < p > however, it is worth noting that the ban means “no downloading” and does not say that it is prohibited to use it in the United States. According to the relevant reporters, on September 20, us time, after contacting Chinese students studying in the United States, we found that wechat can still be used normally. From here, we also heard that wechat does not affect the normal use in the United States, and the most important impact is wechat in the sea After being removed from the shelves, wechat will not be able to obtain new users in the United States, while users who have downloaded wechat will not be affected. It also means that Apple users no longer have to choose between iPhone and wechat! Just don’t delete it! Today, with the globalization of science and technology, the promotion of wechat overseas needs the support of many overseas enterprises. In order to attract Chinese customers, overseas enterprises also need the support of wechat. Wal Mart’s “iPhone” and “machin” will have a great impact on the global sales of apple and machin! ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year