Congratulations on the upcoming iPhone 12 series, available in October, but I won’t buy it!

There have been a lot of rumors about the iPhone 12 since last year. With the passage of time, the veil of such a mysterious flagship has been lifted step by step and began to surface. Due to the impact of the new crown, three possibilities for the iPhone 12 launch have been predicted: launch and delay as out of stock, one model will be released first, others will be released later, or the whole series will be delayed in October. The iPhone 12 does not use the upper and lower camera technology, nor can it achieve a truly full screen. It still continues the previous generation of 3D structured light to unlock the face. The appearance of the front face of the Liu Hai screen made of retinal material can only be regarded as moderate. “Bangs” should still be the same, and they are relatively smaller in size. IPhones that go to “bangs” should not be seen this year. < / P > < p > the aesthetic fatigue of Liu Haiping can not be ignored. At that time, iPhone x led a “Liu Hai style”, which made domestic mobile phone manufacturers launch Liu Haiping one after another. Since then, domestic models have begun to explore the “special-shaped screen”, such as hole digging screen, water drop screen, and later lifting full screen, under screen camera and so on. But for the leader of the iPhone, it has been staying for many years, which inevitably makes people feel tired. < / P > < p > nowadays, when users choose smart phones, they pay more and more attention to the appearance of mobile phones. The iPhone 12 series will launch a new navy color. Coincidentally, apple, the smartphone maker, will bring a new color to the iPhone 12 Pro Series, while the previous dark green will no longer be available. As far as the color matching of the body is concerned, it undoubtedly directly affects the appearance of the mobile phone. The iPhone 12 series is expected to have four models this year, namely the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12max and the iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro max. < / P > < p > the parameters of the four new models of the iPhone 12 series have been exposed. The configuration of dual lens and three lens provides users with an objective choice. The 16 megapixel main lens + 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens also greatly improves the technical effect of portrait mode and AR function. A series of operations, such as the continuation of the “bang screen” comprehensive screen design, carrying A14 new processor, supporting 5g connection and carrying 120Hz high refresh rate technology, also shocked our scalp. But at present, there is no specific forecast for which model will be released. Let’s see you in the second half of the year. < p > < p > Apple A14 adopts TSMC 5nm process, and is the first in the world. The CPU of A14 is composed of 2 large cores and 6 small cores, which improves the performance by 40% compared with A12; GPU adopts 6-core design, and the performance is improved by 30% compared with A12. It should be noted that the comparison target of Apple A14 is A12, not A13 of last year. The purpose of benchmarking A12 is to highlight the performance advantages of A14. Generally speaking, the performance of the new processor is improved by about 15% ~ 20% compared with the previous generation, and it is estimated that the performance of A14 is much higher than that of A13. Using A12 as the contrast object is self defeating and counterproductive, giving users the illusion that A14 performance is not good. < / P > < p > finally: Apple iPhone 12 series is equipped with A14 + snapdragon x55 baseband, with strong performance and 5g support, its biggest highlight is that it has no change in other configurations. For example, the standard high-speed screen of Android flagship is not supported by the iPhone 12 series because of its small battery. In addition, the fast charging of Android flagship has come to 100 watts, while the iPhone Series 12 is the same as before. Please wait for the release confirmation. < p > < p > although Apple’s new iPhone 12 flagship is confirmed to be delayed this year, the majority of Apple fans, like Minmei infinity, have been expecting Apple’s iPhone 12 to come out earlier or on schedule. Of course, given this year’s special circumstances, many Apple fans still hope that Apple’s iPhone 12 won’t come out any more. < / P > < p > so it is basically certain that this year’s iPhone 12 products will not be delivered until October, which is a month later than before. However, due to Apple’s previous iPhone x component delay problems, it is also possible that Apple held a press conference in September, allowing users to book and then ship in October. But in any case, the delay in delivery of the iPhone 12 has been confirmed, and it will take another month to replace the iPhone 12. This year’s iPhone 12 will be a big update in appearance, and will support 5g network. < / P > < p > this year, the entire series of iPhone 12 products are not equipped with a 120Hz driver chip, which means that the new iPhone 12 will not carry a high refresh rate. However, it is also reported that the highest version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be equipped with a 120 Hz refresh rate. It is undeniable that the lower version of the model will never carry a high refresh rate for the sake of cost reduction. What about reducing battery capacity? However, in 2020, the “extraordinary” year, this year’s fruit powder, perhaps a considerable part of it will not pay for the new iPhone! I won’t buy it! Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia