congratulations! Yu Yuanqi, a Taiwanese singer, has successfully carried out 30 chemotherapy treatments in six years, costing 4 million yuan

According to Taiwan media reports, the good news is that Taiwan female singer Yu Yuanqi has succeeded in anti-cancer for six years. She has gone through more than 30 chemotherapy treatments, and has recently completed her last chemotherapy, and she has succeeded in cancer prevention. Yu Qiyuan’s parents are singers. Her father is Yu Tian and her mother is Li Yaping. Parents said to the media: “success, very successful, in fact, we most want to thank the medical team, Qi is also very strong, really admire her.” < p > < p > in 2014, Yu Yuanqi was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer. After 12 times of chemotherapy, she finally succeeded in anti-cancer. She also gave birth to her second son in October last year. Who knows, just gave birth to a second child last year and exposed the bad news of cancer recurrence. < p > < p > after giving birth to her second child, Yu Qi Yuan was diagnosed as having cancer cells that had spread from lymph to other organs such as liver and lung, because lymphatic cancer can spread to any place, which makes people feel very sad to hear. < p > < p > in fact, Yu Yuanqi paid much attention to health care in the past time. She did not smoke or drink, but also had the habit of exercise. In 2014, she accidentally found that she had multiple bloody stools. After going to the hospital for examination, she found that she had developed stage 3 rectal cancer. Yu Yuanqi actively received chemotherapy and made great efforts to prevent cancer. She was cured in May of the second year. < p > < p > in 2017, Yu Yuanqi successfully gave birth to her eldest daughter, and even arranged a make-up wedding with her husband. In 2019, she was pregnant with her second child again. After giving birth to the second child, she was found to have a recurrence of cancer, which made people feel very distressed. This year, Yu Yuanqi found another 5 tumors in the lymph nodes. In June this year, the liver cancer cells were resected by surgery. In July, the liver was found to have shadow, so he was operated again. Her 68 year old mother had to take antidepressant drugs for a long time because she was worried about her daughter’s depression. Last month also because of immune system disorders, herpes zoster, emergency hospitalization has not yet fully recovered. Yuyuanqi’s younger brother Yu Xiangquan is responsible for taking care of her daughter Lele. In private, she will take Lele to go shopping and try to transfer her feelings about her mother’s hospitalization. < / P > < p > recently, my brother released a film on the social platform to celebrate Yu Yuanqi’s rebirth. The family members expressed their thanks to the medical team and concerned netizens. When Yu Qi Yuan coughed and talked, she choked and said, “I will live healthily.” Yu Qiyuan expressed her thanks to all of you, and said that she had received cheers from everyone. She also bowed deeply to everyone. < p > < p > Yu Qiyuan’s agent disclosed that she has been discharged from hospital and returned home for recuperation, and will be checked regularly later. The agent said she wanted to grow up with her children, so she has been trying to fight cancer until now. Xiaobian thinks that Yu Yuanqi is really strong, and her medical team, family and friends are not easy. She is not alone in her efforts to fight cancer. Science Discovery

Author: zmhuaxia