Connect the island with broadband

There is an island between Great Britain and Ireland, which belongs to the British royal family but does not belong to Britain. The Isle of man, which left the footprints of human civilization in 6500 BC, has been integrated into the world through broadband network. Thanks to sure group, the mobile network company. Ian Kelly, the group’s chief executive, has rich professional experience. In Shuen group, he not only spread broadband business in the three Royal territories of the UK, including the Isle of man, but also in the South Atlantic and digogasia in the Indian Ocean.

Ian Kelly, an Australian, was born in New South Wales and grew up in Victoria. Kelly graduated from the University of Melbourne with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and marketing. He also returned to campus to study for an MBA. Kelly’s career began with at & T NCR in Australia. Although initially engaged in sales work, Kelly entered the workplace from a multinational company, which laid the foundation for his future international vision and transnational business thinking.

Soon after, Kelly was favored by British Telecom. He left his hometown and went to Singapore to develop a new business. In the 1980s and 1990s, telecom companies in Southeast Asia were busy expanding their business. Starting from Singapore, Kelly came into contact with the markets of Japan, Indonesia and India, took part in M & A for the first time, and gradually gained a firm foothold in the communication industry and gained more extensive development opportunities. The subsidiary of SingTel Optus, a subsidiary of Singapore Telecom, invited Kelly to take up senior positions.

Prior to becoming chief executive of Shuen group, Kelly had been a senior executive of Batelco. After ten years of hard work, when he was about to leave Bahrain, Kelly had a discussion with the local government on the future development trend of the local telecommunications industry. “It is the right direction for the community to have fast broadband. All countries will experience many difficulties in the process of construction. Enterprises need to help society gradually achieve these goals by separating telecom infrastructure from retail business. ” And that’s the challenge for Kelly’s next position, the CEO of sunn group, in the Isle of man.

Referring to his work in Shuen group, Kelly said that the company employs hundreds of employees on the channel islands near the French coastline in the English channel, with an investment of tens of millions of dollars. Even so, sunn’s business on these islands is still facing competition. At present, Kelly focuses on the digital transformation of the group, which is very important for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness. “Digitalization impacts our business and affects our relationship with customers. All aspects of traditional telecommunications need to be transformed.” Kelly said.

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(editor in chief: Zhao Chao, LV Qian)