Connecting people and services, baidu Health China Internet Conference shows innovative mode of Internet hospital

At the recently held 2020 China Internet Conference, baidu health showed its anti epidemic achievements. During the epidemic, novel coronavirus pneumonia, Baidu health medical records, had a total of 310 million users. The total number of users of Baidu health authority science content service exceeded 1 billion passengers. The cumulative number of users of Baidu health care doctors exceeded 170 million. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia has highlighted the role of Internet healthcare.

this Internet Conference specially set up the “Internet medical health development summit in the post epidemic era”. Mao Qunan, director of the planning, development and informatization department of the National Health Commission, Liu Yulin, deputy director of the information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Zhang Xuying, deputy director of the China population and Development Research Center, and Yang Jianchun, President of Baidu health Internet hospital, attended the summit We will share and discuss the development of Internet medicine in the epidemic era.

according to the introduction, baidu health has combined more than 1000 public hospitals and 250000 doctors to form a content ecology with Baidu health medical dictionary as the core and Baidu health doctor as the core service ecology. On the one hand, baidu health provides authoritative medical and health knowledge popularization through live broadcast, video, graphics and text, question and answer, and other forms; on the other hand, it provides users with medical services such as online consultation, appointment registration, health mall, insurance and other medical services, so as to fully meet the daily health needs of users.

at the cloud interactive experience exhibition of this Internet Conference, baidu health, as the first enterprise to appear, demonstrated the achievements of internet medical help in anti epidemic. According to Cao Bing, baidu health product architect, the epidemic has stimulated the public’s demand for online health management, especially in the field of chronic disease management. In order to better provide specialized services for patients with chronic diseases, while ensuring the demand for popular science and consultation services, baidu Health recently launched the “Baidu health diabetes center”. With the advantages of Baidu AI, big data and the comprehensive professional ability of medical experts, baidu health diabetes center can analyze the needs of disease types and patients, and create more refined for patients Zhun’s “diagnosis and treatment + health management” innovative service program, the first to create a new mode of specialized Internet hospital. “Through the diabetes center, users can experience one-stop service from popular science knowledge to disease prevention, online consultation to mall service, personalized service package to whole process health management.”

at the same time, baidu health combined AI algorithm with hospital scenarios, combined with high-quality partners in the medical industry to build a closed-loop service of medicine, medicine and insurance. Through the continuous upgrading of products, services and resources, it has created a patient-centered business model, enabling users to change from the passive medical treatment of “treating patients” in the past to actively manage themselves and their families Physical and mental health, improve public health awareness.

Baidu health’s innovation and breakthrough in the field of internet medical treatment enables users to enjoy more authoritative, professional, high-quality and efficient medical services. At the same time, baidu health’s mode innovation has also improved the service level of domestic Internet hospitals and promoted the real and comprehensive development of Internet medicine.

Author: zmhuaxia