Cook can’t bear it, iPhone 11pro fell to “domestic price” overnight, A13 bionics + 512gb

In the first half of 20 years, several Android manufacturers, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and vivo, all released their 5g flagship mobile phones, and then released their own 5g midrange mobile phones in the market, which made huge profits in the first half of 20 years. On the contrary, apple did not have new products on the market, but in the past 20 years, the iPhone 11 series has been greatly reduced in price, and several products have been reduced to low prices, thus opening the strategy of low-cost sales.

now the market in the first half of the year has ended. In the face of many 5g mobile phones with reduced prices, cook can’t bear it. The price of the iPhone 11pro drops by 5009 yuan, falling to the “domestic price” overnight, which is equivalent to evaporating the price of a 5g flagship mobile phone. We have to say that 5g technology has a great impact on apple. However, after the price cut, sales of the iPhone 11 Pro picked up again, and cook realized the explosion with the price reduction again.

the performance and stability of Apple mobile phones are based on Android phones. The iPhone 11pro uses A13 bionic processor, which has a new 7 nm technology. In addition, it can save energy and save power for the battery while running efficiently.

the system is also unique. The system of iPhone 11pro is ios13. As the latest system version, it is faster and more stable than the previous generation ios12 in daily operation and reference startup. In terms of safety protection, the iPhone 11pro is IP68 dust and water-proof.

Apple’s memory is always different from that of Android. The iPhone 11pro has 64GB, 256gb and 512gb. This time, the iPhone 11pro camera also changes consumers’ prejudice. It has a high-quality rear camera, 12 megapixel wide-angle main camera, 12 million pixel super wide angle camera and 12 million pixel long focus. The long focus supports 2 times optical zoom, and the ultra wide angle supports 120 degree large angle, which is almost the same as the current 5g mobile phone camera.

in addition, 4K video recording is also supported. With a 3190 Ma battery capacity, the iPhone 11pro supports 18W fast charging and wireless charging.

in the market in the first half of the year, the iPhone 11pro can be regarded as the Apple phone with the largest price reduction. For apple, there will be a certain loss in efficiency. However, if there is no promotion, there will be no return of any benefit. This time Cook made a very correct adjustment. The iPhone 11pro also has some features that Android manufacturers don’t have, such as video flash recording, which I’m afraid only apple can do.

and the face recognition of iPhone 11pro is more secure than ordinary facial recognition, and the privacy of mobile phone is not easy to leak. On the third-party platform, the 512gb large memory version of iPhone 11pro is only sold for 6790 yuan. Do you think it is worth a try now?

Author: zmhuaxia