Cook didn’t lie, iPhone 11 won the sales championship, consumers couldn’t resist the temptation of low price

From Apple’s second quarter results, we can see that greater China contributed 9.329 billion yuan of revenue to apple, accounting for 15.6% of Apple’s 59.686 billion yuan of total revenue. This shows the popularity of Apple products in China.

in the second quarter of this year, Apple’s shipment of 7.7 million units in China was far less than that of Huawei, which has 40.2 million units, but the sales of Apple’s mobile phones were quite high. Among the top five best-selling models in China, the iPhone 11 won. The success of the iPhone 11 is inseparable from Apple’s price reduction strategy. The iPhone 11 is not only 1000 yuan cheaper than the previous generation, but also has been frequently reduced recently.

today, the price of the iPhone 11 has dropped below 4000 yuan. Consumers couldn’t resist the temptation of low prices, and Apple’s “price for sales” strategy was a great success. What’s more, the iPhone 11 has a lot of good points that make it stand out from the flagship at the same price. In terms of performance, the iPhone has always been the leader. The apple A13 chip on the iPhone 11 is far superior to the high-end chips such as snapdragon and Kirin.

in actual use, the iPhone 11 is very smooth and easy to run games. In addition, thanks to IOS, the iPhone 11 can maintain excellent fluency for two or three years. Powerful performance is the key to iPhone 11’s success. In addition, the 12 megapixel dual camera scheme adopted by the iPhone 11 is not as bright as the Android flagship configuration, but its color accuracy, white balance and clarity are excellent.

iPhone 11 has become a “clean stream” with its high restoration imaging effect. In terms of endurance, the iPhone 11’s capability has been enhanced compared with the previous generation. The battery is upgraded to 3110 MAH battery, which is enough for medium and light mobile phone users to charge once a day, so they don’t have to worry about frequent charging of mobile phones. However, the iPhone 11’s charging performance is still mediocre, with up to 18W fast charging.

on the screen, the iPhone 11 is also regular, and the 720p LCD screen does not have much room to play. Fortunately, it can meet the needs of most users. A good product + price reduction + Apple’s brand influence finally contributed to the hot sale of iPhone 11 in China. In addition, in the global smartphone single product bestseller list, iPhone also frequently on the list, accounting for a number of seats. For high-end machines with high prices, this is very rare.

among the five best-selling mobile phones in China, there are three thousand yuan machines that pursue cost performance. However, in addition to the iPhone 11, Huawei mate 30 5g also entered the list as a high-end flagship. Huawei has occupied 44.3% of China’s smartphone market, becoming the most popular mobile phone brand. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia