Cook, fire up! IPhone 11 dropped to below 4000 yuan again, netizen: more and more fragrant

China has entered the 5g era. Most of the mobile phones released by Huawei ov Xiaomi support 5g. Why not buy a domestic 5g flagship with lower price and high brush speed, but buy a 4G mobile phone with poor signal, only supporting 4G and with a big frame of happy horse? It can only be said that cook is too good at understanding the minds of users. The iPhone 11 can be recognized by users, and it is still popular to rely on its practicality, ease of use and sufficiency. That is to say, the slogan “everything is just right” for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro Compared with Max, the screen of iPhone 11 is not big enough, but the 6.1-inch screen is just right in your hand. It can be operated by one hand and it is easy to carry. Apple A13 is still the strongest mobile phone processor on the ground. It can run all kinds of large-scale games smoothly. The king can eat chicken with full frame, plus just enough dual camera. Of course, the most important thing is to keep setting new low prices. < / P > < p > today, the price of the iPhone 11 has dropped to an ultra low price of 3979 yuan. Even compared with the iPhone 12, the iPhone 11 is worth buying. Netizens said: finally. < / P > < p > the initial price of the iPhone 12 is certainly higher than that of the iPhone 11, which is close to 6000 yuan. In addition, the actual cost of the charger purchased at one’s own expense exceeds 6000 yuan. However, the price of the iPhone 11 has dropped to 3979 yuan, and the price difference between the two is more than 2000 yuan. It must be that the iPhone 11 is more dominant. < / P > < p > compared with Android phones, the biggest advantage of Apple mobile phones is that they have a long life span. Who is more worthy of choosing between iPhone and Android has become a classic topic. Netizens’ reply is that the iPhone three years ago can still be used normally, and how many Android phones can be seen after three years of use? In fact, Android phones can be used for three years or more. The reason why they don’t want to use them again is that the manufacturers’ after-sales service time has passed and they no longer provide after-sales warranty and system upgrade. In addition, Android phones are updated quickly and new technologies emerge in endlessly. Users prefer to use Android phones with better performance, faster charging speed and better photos. < p > < p > compared with Android, the iPhone is a little speechless. Liu Haiping has been using it for many years and has not changed. The poor signal is not the problem of one iPhone 11, and almost all iPhones have this problem. Of course, the benefits are not without. Users of designs that have remained unchanged for several years do not have to worry about backwardness and obsolescence. Even if they use iPhone x, they don’t need to worry about obsolescence. There is also no psychological pressure to buy iPhone 11. The IOS system is smooth and safe, and A13 will have no problems for another two years. In terms of usage time, the iPhone 11 with 3979 yuan is obviously more cost-effective. However, the iPhone 11 has many disadvantages. The 720p resolution screen has a huge border, which can’t be compared with the 1080p of Android. The LCD screen is a hard screen and can’t be as thin as an OLED screen. Although the iPhone 11 is only 6.1 inches, its thickness is as high as 8.3mm, and its weight reaches 194g, which is not lighter than the domestic snapdragon 865 flagship. In addition, the small battery, 18W fast charging and so on can’t be compared with Android phones. However, no matter how many disadvantages there are, users can’t be prevented from choosing iPhone 11, because this mobile phone meets the requirements of users. It doesn’t need a good photo taking or a large screen, so it can be used easily. < / P > < p > it is estimated that after the launch of the iPhone 12 series, a large number of users will still choose the iPhone 11, because cook will attract fruit powder with a lower price. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”