Cook’s ninth anniversary as CEO of apple, once ridiculed for its products, has now brought apple to a new height

make complaints about Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook. But there is no denying that he is a wizard from business, because he has given apple a new life. < / P > < p > I once heard a friend say: “jobs opened the door to the future development of smart phones, and let the iPhone stand on the top of the world; and cook will be the leader to close the door of iPhone at the top of the world”. In addition, various media have been singing Down Apple year by year, which makes the young writer think that cook will do more and more. However, nearly a decade later, cook is using practical actions to face the losers. He may not be the best product planner, but he must be one of the most brilliant business wizards. < p > < p > on Monday, Tim Cook will celebrate his ninth anniversary as CEO of apple, with only one year left in his 10-year contract. On that day, the company will split its shares for the second time during his tenure. Over the past nine years, cook has experienced the criticism of tens of millions of netizens and Apple’s low point, and has been advancing in the controversy. Today, Apple’s market value is far higher than that when cook was in office, and it is also the world’s first Mei Guo company with a market value of more than 2 trillion yuan. < / P > < p > since cook officially took over apple, the following iphoen products have become one of the most popular products in the industry. In addition to the iPhone 5 series, other follow-up products have been scolded for their appearance and mold problems. “Three or four years for a set of molds” is cook’s attitude towards iPhone smartphones, and now the bangs screen has been used for three years. Although iPhone sales are strong every year, the stagnation in appearance and innovation has once made the outside world question whether cook’s ability matches Apple’s position. < / P > < p > ridicule belongs to ridicule. The design of iphoen products is indeed unsatisfactory, which is supported by the brand image and IOS system accumulated over the years. But even if the iPhone is too bad, it doesn’t worry about sales. That’s Cook’s ability. In terms of innovation, the gap between him and jobs is obvious to all; but in terms of marketing and operators, cook is Apple’s number one contributor. Accurate “knife method”, the full consideration of each market and the use of their own brand to drive the development of the surrounding industrial chain. From the perspective of products, cook is not a “genius”; however, from a commercial point of view, cook is an important person who can be recorded in the history of Apple’s development. In short, he gave apple a “new life”, instead of pursuing revolutionary research and development technology, but how to maximize the benefits. Under his leadership, Apple’s market value of 40 million dollars has been raised to $2 trillion in nine years, which shows that cook’s ability is still very strong. < p > < p > after jobs left, cook launched Apple watch, airpods and other related products. Although it failed to reach the position of iPhone in the field of smart phones, the market share of these products was still very high. Cook once said, “Steve Jobs’s DNA will always be the foundation of apple.” no matter what the design of the iPhone will look like, its core still exists. Its unique ecosystem has kept it in the leading position in the industry, which is why Apple has the courage to squeeze toothpaste. Today, next year, cook’s 10-year contract will expire, and he will continue to serve as CEO of apple if no accident happens. His ability is really very strong, but in business, in terms of products still have to work hard. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?