Coolpad: termination of patent infringement litigation with Xiaomi company

Zhongxin Jingwei client, November 10 (Xinhua) on the morning of November 10, Coolpad’s official microblog announced that it had decided to take the initiative to terminate a series of patent lawsuits with Xiaomi from now on, and to withdraw relevant cases in progress. According to the statement, < / P > < p > in early 2018, Coolpad launched a series of patent infringement lawsuits against Xiaomi company. Up to now, some cases are still in the court. According to the statement, in 2020, we deeply feel that the environment at home and abroad is undergoing profound and complex changes. To break through the bottleneck of science and technology and promote better and faster development of the industry is the top priority for companies in the technology industry, including Coolpad and Xiaomi. Coolpad decided to take the initiative to terminate a series of patent lawsuits with Xiaomi and cancel the ongoing related cases. < / P > < p > according to media reports, in January 2018, Coolpad group announced that Xiaomi technology, Xiaomi communication and Xiaomi home infringed the patents of Coolpad subsidiaries and claimed compensation. On January 29, Xiaomi’s Public Relations Department responded that the company’s legal department had not yet received a notice of litigation. The facts of infringement described by Coolpad group are not clear, and the stability of the three patents involved remains to be discussed. After < / P > < p > in May 2018, Coolpad held a media communication meeting in Hong Kong. According to Zhang Na, chief intellectual property officer of Coolpad, seven cases have been filed against millet infringement, including six in Shenzhen and one in Jiangsu. Next, Coolpad will still focus on China and protect Xiaomi’s rights. Xiaomi responded on the same day that he had not received any notice from the court, and Xiaomi will actively respond to the action of Coolpad. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that the time point of Coolpad’s “difficult” choice is delicate. According to public information, Xiaomi group submitted its listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in May 2018. According to wind data, Xiaomi group was down 4.11% to HK $24.50, while Coolpad group had become a fairyland, down 4.37% to HK $0.197. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer