Cracking down on Tik tok also threatens the Internet American media: Trump’s knee jerk reaction can’t solve the problem

CCTV news client recently, U.S. President trump signed an executive order requiring byte hop to divest any tangible and intangible assets that enable Tik tok to operate in the United States within 90 days, and will acquire the U.S. video app by byte hop in 2017 It is defined as “endangering national security”. The executive order also clearly states that relevant government employees can enter byte skipping and Tik tok for inspection in US companies. However, in the eyes of some American politicians, “Tik tok must be part of an intelligence operation.”. In addition to the United States, some European politicians also believe that Tik tok “may pose security risks” due to its links with China. < p > < p > network security experts believe that Tik tok can be downloaded from Google and Apple’s app stores, which means that the two US technology giants can set restrictions on the access content of the app. Tik tok has also been independently audited for security and identified potential issues that are consistent with other applications. Like all free apps, it collects some user data, comparable to what is available on platforms like Facebook and twitter. < p > < p > Tik tok is a cultural “magnet” for teenagers and young people, and a tool for obtaining news, entertainment information and making friends. Threatening to “eliminate Tik tok” is no different from “demonizing” punk music, mobile phones or any other technology platform, and a complete ban will be intergenerational sabotage. < / P > < p > at present, there is no evidence that Tik tok provides user data to the Chinese government. This means that the US government is acting on the basis of mistrust of overseas companies. For the United States, which has most of the world’s technology giants, this is a contradictory position: if the United States does not trust overseas technology companies, why should other countries trust American companies? < / P > < p > if the United States limits the principle of international interaction on the Internet platform, it will be the biggest loser. The United States will lose a huge amount of global revenue, and its network soft power will be greatly weakened. The Internet is the first global network, despite its many flaws, according to the report. Through the Internet, users can easily and quickly contact friends and partners. The loss of network connectivity will not only harm the interests of users, but also the interests of the U.S. government and enterprises. Commentators have pointed out that trump started this “battle to divide the global web” because he wanted to increase the exposure on social media platforms before the election. Although he has millions of fans on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, it’s not easy to get hits on content that supports trump on Tik tok. For trump, who has never used Tik tok before, Tik tok can only be associated with two things: China and people who laugh at him, he said. He hopes to divert people’s attention by “blocking Tik tok.”. On the 16th, CNN also published a review article saying that Trump’s “knee jerk response” is not a good way to solve the problem. Analysts pointed out that the successive crackdowns on Tik tok and wechat by the US government may cause serious chain effects on Americans and enterprises using the social platform in China. The US government’s approach could also subvert the Internet community and disrupt the flow of technology investment and innovation in the two countries. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?