Crazy gold sucking circuit: new players’ 7-month performance soared 20 times, still difficult to cross the six hurdles

Tianyan data shows that in July alone, there were a number of financing events in the catering market. On July 7, Smeal obtained equity financing from Zhonglu kainiu. On the 27th, the first round of fit8 invested tens of millions of yuan. On the 29th, wonderlab obtained equity financing from IDG and Kaihui fund. A few months ago, there were also many catering brands favored by the capital market, some of which received investment of more than 100 million yuan. < p > < p > in fact, behind the capital increase, the growth of most catering brands is also remarkable: some players’ revenue increased more than twice in the first half of this year, and some players achieved a 20 fold increase in performance in only seven months. However, in sharp contrast to the outstanding performance, problems such as product homogeneity, low competition barriers, user retention and re purchase are gradually emerging. < / P > < p > then, how did the substitute food become popular? How about the competition among the catering brands? Will this be another kind of wind outlet blowing to the sky by concept? As the name implies, substitute meal is the food that can replace part or all of the dinner. The common forms of meal substitute include meal substitute powder, meal substitute stick and substitute milk shake. Because of the characteristics of high fiber, low calorie and easy to satiety, substitute food has successfully attracted a large number of “Diezhong powder” which advocates healthy diet. < / P > < p > in fact, everyone’s understanding of “meal substitute” is different. “The reason why young people eat substitute meals is because of time constraints and bad eating habits such as eating junk food for a long time, which leads to certain health demands of young people to be satisfied.” Zhang Guangming, founder of catering brand fit8, told Danan finance and economics. However, under the impact of the epidemic “black swan”, the catering industry ushered in a favorable market from the cracks. < / P > < p > “people’s cognition of healthy food has been greatly improved.” Zhang Guangming explained that during the anti epidemic period, health problems naturally stood in the “C position” – medical experts’ suggestions on how to protect health and improve immunity were regarded as “standards” by young people in special periods. During the period of isolation at home, their knowledge and information about healthy diet also increased significantly, and weight management was put on the agenda. During the epidemic period, public places such as gyms and stadiums were temporarily closed. “A lot of people are losing weight because they are sedentary and lose a lot of exercise. The pressure from this makes them pay more attention to how to lose weight healthily and how to eat healthily.” Zhang Guangming said. < / P > < p > more importantly, people begin to pay attention to the intake of high-quality protein in their daily diet. Before the vaccine was developed, both anti epidemic expert Zhong Nanshan and hard core Professor Zhang Wenhong were talking about how to improve their own resistance and immunity. The latter’s advice was not to drink porridge, but to eat more protein. High quality protein can effectively improve immunity, which also makes many people realize the importance of supplementing high-quality protein. However, in the field of substitute meal, a better way to supplement high-quality protein is to eat protein stick. “That’s why the rapid outbreak of the fit8 protein bar after the outbreak is closely related to the epidemic. If there is no epidemic situation, consumers’ demand for protein bars will not be so strong, and the market education time will be longer. ” Zhang Guangming said frankly. < / P > < p > in March this year, the brand appeared as the first health food crowdfunding platform on Xiaomi Youpin. “We sold more than 10 million yuan in 14 days in advance.” At the end of April, the fit8 generation of food products appeared in Luo Yonghao’s studio again, and the sales volume of that night alone exceeded 3.5 million yuan. < / P > < p > “consumers’ demand for healthy and convenient fast food is increasing.” Cheng Peng told Danan finance and economics that during the epidemic period, many people were more willing to buy some simple and easy to make healthy and convenient fast food because they could not go out to eat and order takeout, and they had to enhance their resistance. “No matter the raw materials or taste, healthy and convenient fast food is much better than the traditional convenient fast food.” < / P > < p > “consumer demand for satiety is rising.” Zhao Ranqing, the founding partner of Lingbo capital, told Dan finance that the old generation of users often eat a dinner when they are hungry, while the new generation of users, represented by the post-90s and post-95s, have more complex needs, such as health, convenience, better taste and being able to stay fat after eating.

, 2018-2020 years, from WeChat official account to Xiaohong book to live platform, the relationship between goods and consumers is becoming more and more direct. In the past, the brand of meal replacement needed a lot of money to make the product promotion and education market. Now more and more convenient channels can quickly appear in the presence of potential consumers. This further improves the conversion rate of users. < / P > < p > in the past, the purchase channels were more concentrated offline, and were basically occupied by traditional big brands. Now, tiktok is gradually shifting to online platforms like Tmall, Jingdong, jitter and Kwai. The new generation of dining brands can be exposed without spending a lot of entry fees and negotiating time. With better transformation means, consumers can buy behavior. < / P > < p > “up 20 times!” Zhang Guangming said that this is the growth of the company’s sales performance in June this year compared with that in November last year, since the launch of the fit8 brand on October 18 last year. In the first half of this year, the year-on-year growth in revenue of beast life was more than doubled. Cheng Peng analyzed that in March, the market sales recovered a part, and most places could normally deliver goods, but the timeliness was poor. With the advent of summer, people’s social frequency began to rise, and consumption impulse was suppressed for a long time, consumption gradually began to recover. By the time of “618” promotion, consumption basically returned to normal level, which also made the overall sales situation of many catering brands in the second quarter better. < / P > < p > “from August last year to now, the financing environment is getting better and better, and the number of investment institutions actively meeting with each other is obviously increasing.” Cheng Peng said that since 2019, meal substitute has become a subdivision track that investors pay more attention to. With the heating up of the industry, more and more new catering brands have also accelerated the pace of financing. < / P > < p > “how to let the user know, understand and keep substitute food in his life for a long time.” Zhang Guangming believes that this is a “big problem” that all catering brands need to think about and solve for a long time. However, it is very difficult to change the unhealthy diet of users. “Why should I change you? Can’t I have a good meal? I’m so happy with what I used to eat. Why should I change it? ” < / P > < p > in addition, food substitute brands also need to work hard on “how to seize the user’s mind”. Zhang Guangming told Danzi finance and economics that some food substitute products look the same, but in fact they are quite different; some of them seem different, but they are actually the same. < / P > < p > if you are a non professional, it is difficult to distinguish the similarities and differences between different food substitute products. As a result, it is very difficult for the catering brand to gain user recognition and implant into the user’s mind. < / P > < p > in addition to seizing users’ minds, how to improve user retention is also an unavoidable problem for catering brands. For example, the catering brand focuses on weight loss selling points, which makes users mistakenly think that their products are only eaten when they lose weight, which is obviously not a big market. “Users are forced to take your meal substitute products. That’s medicine. You can’t keep them, and you will be abandoned by users soon.” Zhang Guangming said. Generally speaking, brand barriers depend on the comprehensive capabilities of team, strategy, product, supply chain, marketing power and brand power. If they can’t keep up with the changes of young people’s thinking, eating healthy logic and cognition, the substitute food brand will be easily eliminated. It is similar to the catering industry, the competition among players is the competition of brands in the end. < p > < p > Cheng Peng disclosed to Dan Dan finance that many upstream suppliers can provide complete solutions from R & D to procurement to production for the brand side. In other words, most of the emerging catering brands don’t need to build a R & D or product team by themselves. They just need to do a good job in brand, channel and marketing promotion. However, in this case, it is very easy to fall into the state of product homogeneity competition among the catering brands. Cheng Peng, for example, said that although many brands of substitute milk shakes put forward some demands for upstream suppliers, the latter is generally adjusted based on a similar formula, so it is difficult to form a large difference in the final products. Zhao Ranqing agrees with this. She added that at present, the supply chains of most of the emerging catering brands are converging, and factories can meet the vast majority of ODM demands. As a result, the products are very similar. The catering brands can only work at the marketing level, but this is not long-term. In addition, in Zhao Ranqing’s opinion, the problem of “how to improve user repurchase” is also imminent. At present, many catering brands are increasing online channel investment, which leads to the rising cost of customers. In the case of high customer acquisition cost, how to improve the user repurchase has become a problem that every company faces and needs to solve urgently. It is true that the “collective dilemma” of catering brands needs to be addressed. But another indisputable fact is that the whole catering industry is still in the early stage of development. Bullet finance learned that at present, the main participants in the catering market include local emerging catering brands, local giants and foreign catering brands. < / P > < p > he told Danan finance and economics that the local giants started from a single product and tried tentatively, but the investment was generally not strong. In addition, because the giant’s brand influence has been very big, so the positioning relationship between its brand and the catering agent is not so direct. < / P > < p > this is true. For example, Mengniu’s sub brand “slow burning” mainly focuses on substitute food fiber milk shake milk, but people will not think that it is a substitute for food in terms of cognition. < / P > < p > the action of foreign catering brands is relatively slow. After all, substitute food is for eating, which is closely related to the taste of Chinese people, Zhang Guangming said. Foreign brands, no matter protein bars or some other products, are more Western-style. Therefore, the understanding degree of Chinese preference, taste grasp and food trend of foreign catering brands are not as good as those of local enterprises. < p > < p > at the same time, Zhang Guangming also mentioned that because foreign catering brands have obvious advantages in raw materials and supply chain after years of precipitation, the sports and fitness field is still dominated by foreign brands. However, they will be weaker on the marketing side and not flexible enough to respond to the domestic market. < p > < p > in Zhang Guangming’s view, compared with local giants and foreign catering brands, the growth of new local catering brands will be faster. “They usually want to know what category to do and what pain points to solve for users. They belong to the state of complete all in.” Cheng Peng holds the same view. “In the future, it will be easier to come out of the brand of new generation food.” He frankly said that in the past, false publicity, poor product experience and low cost performance ratio of products flooded the whole catering industry. In addition, it was mainly sold through direct sales or micro businesses, which led to the image of substitute food in the minds of many consumers was not very good. < p > < p > in Cheng Peng’s view, it is not particularly advantageous for the traditional food industry giants to produce off-line substitute food products. Their advantage is to pass