Create a private cinema TCL 75×9 TV for you to enjoy both audio and visual

Now the way to view the film has been much richer than before, through mobile phones, tablets and other devices can directly view the film. Although very convenient, but always can’t enjoy the shocking big screen experience. To get a shocking experience, you need a TCL 75×9 8K qled TV to create your own private cinema. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, TCL 75×9 8K qled TV adopts a simple design style. The ultra-thin fuselage takes up little space, and the extremely narrow frame has a sense of visual immersion, so it is easy to integrate into the daily living room environment. TCL 75×9 8K qled TV is equipped with a 75 inch large screen and a narrow frame, which can provide a shocking and wide view. < / P > < p > TCL 75×9 8K qled TV adopts 8K qled primary color quantum dot screen panel. Unlike ordinary TV, the primary color quantum dot screen panel performs better in color, supports 157% ultra-high color gamut and 1 billion color presentation, with high color purity and more real and natural color transition. The resolution of TCL 75×9 8K qled TV is as high as 7680 × 4320, that is, 8K resolution. Ultra high resolution can bring more delicate display effect. In addition to supporting 8K resolution, TCL 75×9 8K qled TV also has a set of 8K solutions such as 8K chip, 8K interface and 8K algorithm, which can give full play to the display effect of this 8K screen and bring better visual experience to users. It can also effectively improve the color of each scene by adjusting the color level of different regions of the galaxy. In terms of sound quality, TCL 75×9 8K qled TV adopts independent sound bar design. It is a famous Onkyo speaker equipped with Q sound quality engine and supports Dolby panoramic sound. It can provide cinema level immersive sound field experience and dual audio-visual enjoyment. < / P > < p > the system has built-in intelligent small T, which can realize intelligent voice interaction with users, and also supports scene based voice dialogue. For example, when you want to see a movie, you can say “I want to see Marvel movie” with smart little t. In addition, it also supports wake-up free function, and multiple rounds of dialogue can be conducted once. < / P > < p > TCL 75×9 8K qled TV also has a built-in lift camera, through which you can realize panoramic video call, face recognition, somatosensory games, etc., bringing more practical functions. In addition, TCL 75×9 8K qled TV is also connected to TCL smart home system, which can interact with smart home products on TV, directly control lighting system, security system, etc., and give this TV more functions. < / P > < p > the price of TCL 75×9 8K qled TV is 29999 yuan, and it is currently in the hot sale of TCL official mall and Jingdong platform. If you want to enjoy the shocking viewing effect, you can consider this qled 8K smart TV. Older posts →