Creativity can also be the enemy of marketing

After working in an advertising company for a long time, there will be an illusion that marketing is to think of all kinds of creativity, ranging from annual brand communication ideas, a wave of campaign, to some content, that is, they like to use creativity to measure the level of marketing. I usually look at cases. I always like to see some very novel ideas. < / P > < p > I am no exception. Therefore, in my last article, I tried to study the creative interpretation techniques of some creative hot stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and summed up four “routines” that they often use. < / P > < p > because as a creative person of Party B, after all, the biggest source of work achievement every day is to think of all kinds of novel and interesting ideas for the brand, and win more business and win higher industry awards with creativity. From the perspective of my own work, I think this is the embodiment of a professional attitude of advertisers, which can realize self-worth and bring benefits to the company. < / P > < p > or focus on a project. For example, how much of this e-commerce activity can sell is directly related to our creative materials: slogan, H5, offline flash stores, etc? < p > < p > for these questions, I deliberately regard myself as an “outsider”, focus on more different brands, look at their various marketing methods, and even look at the whole marketing industry. Only when I found out that the creativity we pursue every day is not the necessity of marketing, and there are too many brands that are mediocre in marketing creativity, But people are powerful, whether from the brand dimension or business dimension. Of course, I don’t mean to deny the role of creativity in marketing, but I hope that we can look at it from a more dialectical perspective, so as to have a deeper understanding of the inherent principles of marketing. < / P > < p > for example, the selling points of many brands / products will involve a lot of technical expertise. If these information are directly disseminated, the effect will be greatly reduced. At this time, we need to use creative thinking to “decode” these information, and then “encode”. < p > < p > I’m still impressed by this kind of creativity. A few years ago, the series of video advertisements taken by Fangtai range hood incorporated the possible harm of harmful substances in lampblack into several concrete scenes: hair, lung, skin, eyes, etc., and then used the idea of advertising shampoo, cough medicine, skin care products and eye drops Deduce the powerful function of Fangtai range hood. < / P > < p > products with homogeneous functions can easily lead to the same information spread. At this time, it is necessary to deduce the tension of brands or products through creativity. For example, find the emotional connection point, endow the brand with emotional connotation, accumulate the brand image by telling stories, or simply carry out various creative packaging deduction from the product dimension. < / P > < p > to understand the purpose of creativity and the core application scenarios of creativity is very important for people who are used to packaging everything with an idea! < / P > < p > for example, many new and sharp consumer brands are now emerging. Have you ever seen them do all kinds of creativity in marketing promotion? For example: the creative concept of brand height, the emotional creative video interpretation and so on. < / P > < p > therefore, there is no need for too much creative packaging in the communication, only need to make accurate crowd and contact points through data decision, and then show the products to the audience through the consumption scene with sense of generation! < / P > < p > well, it’s not good to make Wang Yibo look better and fit for others. On this basis, it’s more straightforward to convey brand interests and fans’ interests, and then circle to a larger group through the power of fans? Do you have to make such a thankless idea? < / P > < p > behind this kind of marketing, it can be seen that the brand marketing department has found a creative agency, and everyone has done it behind closed doors. From a purely creative point of view, such a story has been created. < / P > < p > for example, the promotion oriented activities on e-commerce have already attracted people’s attention, such as “50% discount for the whole venue”. I believe that most consumers will still be willing to take a look at such information when they see such information at the promotion node. However, many brands just like to wrap up a confusing creative concept on it, which is called “product effect integration”. As a result, both sides are not flattered. The fundamental purpose of creativity is to improve the efficiency of information dissemination. But not every piece of information needs to be set up with a new idea, so as to be creative. < / P > < p > for example, in the case that some information itself has strong communication ability, unless your creativity can add to the cake, if it will dilute the strong communication power of the existing information itself, it is better not to think about it. < / P > < p > as Party B, he has served many brands. These brands usually at the beginning of the year, they will ask some 4A companies to help make a brand communication main battle and general communication planning for the whole year. The purpose was originally to serve as the main line of the brand’s large and small marketing actions in the coming year. < / P > < p > for example, the most typical thing is to do what is hot recently; when someone else does a work that swipes the screen, the brief given to the agency becomes “this activity, we need to swipe the screen, we need to circle”. As far as investment is concerned, you can see from the stock market recently that short-term speculation may make you gain a lot of money overnight, but you may also lose all the money the next day. Those who can really make money are those who are chronists. The same is true of marketing. It is not only to invest money, but more importantly to invest time. If you can’t invest time in some things, you can’t bear to do things in the East and the West. If you can’t bear it, you will lose the significance of marketing. It looks like a lot of creativity, but actually it doesn’t look at the problem from the perspective of consumers. < / P > < p > the real effective marketing is to find a core idea, and on this basis, keep repeating. Don’t always think about playing slogan today, and shouting another slogan tomorrow. The best strategy is to get this creative point deep and really into the minds of consumers, and the return of waiting time is the best strategy. On this point, Mr. Ye Minggui, the famous strategist of Ogilvy, wrote the following paragraph in his book, which impressed me deeply: < / P > < p > when we accidentally find a successful advertising button, do not move it. Because continuing this advertising campaign will keep your cash register ringing. < p > < p > in the convenience store environment at that time, quanlian supermarket had no advantage: it was located in the lane of the community, there was no parking lot, the corridor in the supermarket was narrow In any case, in order to maintain the price competitiveness of welfare centers in the fierce competition environment, we must haggle over every penny and not waste any money. < p > < p > later, based on the current situation of customers, ye Minggui’s team developed a strategy called “nothing”. The insight behind it is: “wool comes from sheep” and “there is no free lunch in the world”. < / P > < p > the main character of the advertising film of quanlian is an honest and honest ordinary man. He introduces the welfare center of quanlian without obvious signboards, broad aisles, beautiful uniforms, beautiful floors, parking spaces and card service. It is only practical and convenient. < / P > < p > this is the same as the mentality of most customers: they think that no matter how good an idea is, it can’t be done for the second time. Otherwise, they always feel that there is no new idea. < p > < p > Ye Minggui successfully persuades customers to continue to adhere to the creative ideas of the previous year with his own stories when playing games. The story is roughly about him playing a game, accidentally found a button, let the machine loud, inside the ball rolling out. He thought it was the machine that broke down. He was trying to adjust the button when he was stopped by an old customer. He said that he had won the grand prize, and the prize iron ball kept coming out. This is why Ye Minggui said that. Customers of quanlian listened to his advice. As a result, the same advertising positioning and style lasted for 10 years, becoming the first brand in Taiwan’s supermarket industry. < / P > < p > its strategy is to “play with biscuits.”. In terms of creativity, there are not too many messy ideas, which can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the cookie music box that has been made for five years. Although the elements are different every year, it is because it is made every year that this has become popular; the other is the fancy “recipe” made by various biscuits and other snacks of Yizi. < / P > < p > before I talk about the last point, I’d like to introduce to you a creative video that IKEA vigorously promoted some time ago. This video is called. After all, when I read it for the first time, I didn’t quite understand it. Later, I read it again and again several times, and after a careful review of some of the logic behind it, I could see what it meant to express. < / P > < p > in a way of “non explicit” expression, people in this industry feel that it is creative enough. This is a common occurrence for the “authorities”. However, have you ever thought about it? Consumers are not interested in reading and understanding advertisements! The first time you didn’t understand, you still expect them to savor carefully what you want to convey in this advertisement? < / P > < p > we said in the first point: the purpose of creativity is to lower the threshold of information dissemination and improve the efficiency of information dissemination. This kind of “flaunting technology” creativity just has a negative effect! < / P > < p > don’t start with the idea itself. The purpose of creativity is to improve the efficiency of information dissemination, but it is not a necessity of marketing. For some information with strong communication power, don’t put a creative package on it, which will only dilute its original communication power. Talk less about creative ideas and more about long-term strategies. Marketing is an investment from which long-term watchers can profit. So, don’t always think about using this idea today, and use it tomorrow when you see other ideas. Brands need to hold back a big move, and then repeat, waiting for the return of time is the best strategy. Don’t dazzle your skills in pursuit of creativity, make the creativity that needs to let consumers do “reading comprehension”. After a long time of studying the creativity itself, it will enter the state of “fans of the game”. To avoid this, the best way to avoid this is when we think of an idea that we find interesting, we should show it to our friends who are not in this field. 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Author: zmhuaxia