Crowdfunding for larkbox! Computer mainframe in your pocket? What other notebooks do you use

Ciwei larkbox raised more than US $1000000 in the overseas crowdfunding platform indiegogo a month ago, which is very popular with users. Now larkbox’s domestic crowdfunding will soon be launched on tmall crowdfunding on Monday. At that time, there will also be a lot of preferential activities, which will provide 200 people with a low price of 999 yuan, and the top 200 will send 256gb SSD at 1099 price. For details, please visit the official tmall crowdfunding page. < / P > < p > larkbox is a highly differentiated product. In appearance, the size of the body is only the size of a baseball, so it can be directly put into a pocket, so it is super portable. It is equipped with Intel j4115 processor, 6GB lpddr4 memory and 128GB storage, which is very suitable for office and other purposes. It has built-in UHD 600 video card, which can smoothly and hard solve 4K video, giving consideration to both office and entertainment. < / P > < p > · portable office host. The super small fuselage doesn’t take up space anywhere. It has excellent comprehensive configuration. It can handle word documents, make PPT and other office purposes. It can also be easily carried to home for remote office. < / P > < p > · 4K TV box. The HDMI interface supports the output of 4K video signal, and can be connected to the living room TV to watch 4K ultra clear movies and variety shows, bringing a shocking 4K video and audio experience. < / P > < p > with its compact and portable body, larkbox is used in more than these scenarios, and has other uses such as conference room projection host, advertising display host and so on. With the latest Intel graphics processor, it can be used to decode the latest graphics card. < / P > < p > 6GB + 128GB storage combination, support m.2 SSD expansion, software opening and loading response is fast, at the same time, the interface is also very perfect, usb-a * 2, 3.5mm headphone interface, HDMI, type-C and other types of interfaces are complete, which can be connected to keyboard and mouse and other peripheral devices, efficient office. < / P > < p > larkbox achieves the extremely different product features on the market: ultra small mini host size and 4K output performance. With the advantages of small size, it has expanded a variety of uses, at the same time, strong enough internal performance, so that its use experience and practicability are greatly increased. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?