Decoding Huawei matebook 1314 2020 Ruilong Edition: breaking through the performance boundary of lightweight notebook

  。 In the first half of 2020, Huawei PC ranked second in the market with 16% of China market share and entered the first tier in China with a single subdivision of light notebook. In an industry generally considered to be very stable in market structure and weak in growth, Huawei can break the industry situation in just four years, and challenge the industry’s first throne, which is due to Huawei’s persistence all the time, and thus constantly break through the performance and application boundary of products. The latest masterpiece of this thinking is to install amd dragon 4000 H series standard pressure mobile processor with matebook 13/14 2020 version. For a long time, the breakthrough points of the ability of electronic products are mainly focused on the two aspects of “performance” and “easy to use”. But on the laptop products, the contradiction between high performance and high portability has always existed. As we all know, the performance of the standard pressure processor is high, but the power consumption is high, the heat is large, and the relative power consumption is large. It is generally used for performance-based and game based. In order to provide more space for heat dissipation, the fuselage is usually thicker. The products equipped with pressure gauge processor in the industry are usually more than 20mm thick. For the convenience and endurance, the low-voltage processor with low power consumption, low heat output and low power consumption is usually used in the light or ultra thin business. Due to the technical limitations, in the design of notebook computers, “thin” and “extreme performance” are still the factors of mutual restriction. Equipped with AMD reeron 4000 H series standard pressure mobile processor, Huawei matebook 13/14 2020 Reebok version perfectly explains what is the unity of “ultra thin” and “ultra-high performance”. When it comes to AMD chips, many people may not be unfamiliar. The new 7Nm process and zen2 architecture of AMD dragon 4000H series processor greatly improve the performance, which makes Huawei matebook 13/14 2020 reeron version outperform most light and thin versions. It is amazing that with the high performance of the standard press processor, the Reebok 13/14 2020 Reebok still maintains a thickness of not more than 16mm, and the light is still thin. In order to make Huawei matebook 13/14 2020 reeron version hold this pressure gauge processor, Huawei continuously designs and optimizes the scheme from the whole machine design architecture, laying a solid foundation for the full release of the whole machine performance and the balance between compact light and thin fuselage. As mentioned above, although the performance of the pressure gauge processor is high, it has high power consumption and means high heat generation. At this time, heat dissipation is very important. Huawei matebook 13/14 2020 reeron version, which re stack the internal structure of the notebook, and borrow the miniaturization technology of Huawei mobile board, will bring matebook 132020 The main board of the reeron version has reduced by 20%, which provides more space for heat dissipation; Huawei has also made a new stack design for the heat dissipation structure, and the shark fin fan has also been upgraded. The dual heat pipe equipped with wing layout design can achieve better heat dissipation effect, and enable amd sharp Dragon 4000H series processor to release 35W of high performance and stable release in balanced mode. The sharp dragon version of Huawei matebook 13/14 2020 integrates “strong performance” and “ultra thin” perfectly. Matebook 13/14 was originally a star product of Huawei matebook family. This time, the Reebok version of Huawei matebook 13/14 2020 breaks the performance boundary of light and thin version, and sets a new performance benchmark. As a mobile phone, Huawei is a “dimension reduction blow” for PC industry, because it is more difficult to use the mobile phone than the computer, whether it is heat dissipation, or the balance between performance and light weight. The innovation of PC industry has been almost stagnant for a long time, which is essentially not paying attention to technology research and development, but also on mining and insight based on user needs. Huawei’s entry into the market has injected innovation vitality into the PC industry from the root, leading the long-standing notebook industry into a new round of innovation era. Huawei notebook can achieve such rapid development in a few years, but also because of the actual results of the product innovation. Looking at Huawei matebook 13/14 2020 Reebok version, breakthrough technologies are everywhere. There are hidden cameras that help full screen, super fast charging, and fingerprint power key with one key on and fingerprint login. The innovation Huawei brings to PC industry is not only the hardware of notebook computer, but also the “multi screen collaboration” function to break the barriers between mobile phone and computer. Huawei PC can stir up the dull PC industry like catfish, and still can jump out of PC to watch PC and stand in the future to see the present. Many people see that PC manufacturers are just PCs, while Huawei sees the user’s full scene wisdom experience. Huawei matebook 13/14 2020 “multi screen collaboration” and “Huawei cloud space” of the Reebok version connect PC to the whole field wise strategy, which will make PC become a “new species”, and also provide Huawei PC with the support of the whole intelligent ecological system of the whole scene. In this ecosystem, there is a strong superposition effect. The innovation power of mobile phone, smart screen, PC and even handlink will be added to form an exponential superposition effect, which will double the user experience and make Huawei’s competitiveness multiply. At the launch of Huawei matebook series new products, Li Bin, vice president of Greater China and director of integration business department of Huawei consumer business, brought a new benchmark of light and thin performance – Reebok version of matebook 13/14 2020. Under the new concept of “third generation mobile office”, Huawei notebook is committed to creating smart notebook and providing users with new experience of ecological integration, Li said. But Huawei has not ignored the creation of the basic competitiveness of notebook. This time, the company has equipped amd Reebok 4000H series pressure standard processor on Huawei matebook 13/14 2020 reeron version, breaking through the performance boundary of light and thin version, and bringing more powerful productivity to users. Matebook13/14 inherits the refined quality of matebook product family. Through advanced product technology and strict quality test standards, the notebook has a long reliability, stability and service life. Mobile office is one of the main scenarios of notebook products application. Mobile office is becoming more and more popular due to the special social environment in the first half of this year. The rapid growth of light Market confirms this trend. According to GfK POS, the sales volume of notebook computer market increased 26% year-on-year in the first quarter, among which light notebook products led the market higher with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 50%. The innovation based on new technology and new concept is actually vigorously launched in the highly mature PC industry. Now the PC industry is in the crossroad of “qualitative change”. The sharp dragon version of Huawei matebook 13/14 2020 breaks through the performance boundary of light notebook, bringing more performance experience for mobile office users, injecting more competitiveness into the light and thin category, and giving consumers more intimate choices. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?