Deep operating system 20 (1000) officially released

It home on August 6, according to the official news of deep operating system, deep operating system 20 was released today, which has fixed several problems such as wireless Bluetooth connection.

repair the problem that the external wireless network card and Bluetooth are connected, and the machine does not respond. Repair the problem that the selection state of the taskbar is always hidden in the dual screen mode, and the icon part of the desktop disappears. Optimize the function of automatic wallpaper replacement. Experience the control center

repair and plug in the USB digital board, and plug in the USB digital board if there is no digital board bar in the control center After the wireless network card, the device has input, but the control center and taskbar have no display, and then plug into USB After the headset is restarted to view the advanced settings, the interface is inconsistent problem depth cinema

after repairing the playing video, click the volume of the taskbar, the sound playing in the theater bar is uneven and the name overlaps. When repairing the playing video, the corner of the progress bar is not virtualized. The device manager

it home understands that since the release of this version, the deep operating system version This number will adopt the unified naming standard of the company, and adopt the way of large version number + for example: 20, 20, etc. after that, alpha, beta and RC will adopt the internal version number definition. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia