Dell G3 comprehensive experience: a game book with both appearance and performance

With the acceleration of life rhythm, people are increasingly looking for a bit of fun in busy life. Maybe many people want to pursue the simplest and pure happiness. And the game can become the seasoning agent in our ordinary days, so that we can get the simplest happiness in childhood. However, with the development of technology, many games require high hardware configuration. Many friends do not want to spend more time to assemble a high-profile computer. Obviously, the game has become a simple and real choice. The author also has the above requirements. After searching a lot of knowledge about game books on the Internet, and the evaluation of all users and computer bloggers, I finally chose this Dell G3 game book. The reason why I choose this notebook is simple. The first is to have a big brand. Because the big brand means that it has guarantee and good after-sales. In addition, as a notebook, it must have the top-level performance, at least there will be no carton phenomenon when I play the game; the third is my personal hobby, which is to buy digital products with high appearance and good workmanship. After simply saying the purchase reason, I will explain my experience of using Dell G3 game for a while through appearance and performance. I hope it will be of some reference to you. Dell G3 machine adopts the combination of blue and black color. The classic black body makes it more in line with the public aesthetic. The blue line is embellished to improve the recognition of the whole machine. At the same time, the streamlined body of side sports car makes it more competitive. It is not easy to accumulate fingerprint and dust with texture grinding material, and also makes the hand feel more delicate, taking into account the color and practicability. The following is a direct introduction to the theme to see the official measurement of the rabbit rabbit for Dell G3. The data shows that its comprehensive performance score has reached 29w+. Among them, the hardware configuration of the computer, such as processor, video card, memory and disk, has a good level, especially the processor capability, which has completely reached the level of top-level game book. In order to make you better understand the configuration of Dell G3 game book, the author introduces it to you. Dell G3 processor has i5-9300h quad core processor and i7-9750h six core processor, which can meet the needs of game users basically from the processor; in memory, it is equipped with 8GB DDR4 memory; video card also has two versions, namely, NVIDIA GTX 1650 4GB gddr5 and NVIDIA GTC 1660ti 6GB gddr6. The author chose the standard version of the configuration, and used it everyday. The mainstream chicken eating and hero alliance are completely out of the question. When the effects are fully open, all the settings are set to the highest level, and there will be no frame dropping or instability. The game experience is quite excellent. Since the author changed the game book, the segment has been significantly improved. It seems that a good device is indeed indeed a good device The improvement of the game experience is huge. In addition, Dell G3 has such a top-level performance, it is a pity to not cut video. I usually work as a professional editor. I used to cut the clip very fluently because of computer problems. If I don’t pay attention, I will interrupt the editing thinking because of big and small problems. When I think of interesting ideas, we will be scattered. After using Dell G3, we solve the above problems, so as to make the production work effective The rate has been improved. In addition, in order to make the performance to the maximum, Dell G3 game book has optimized the heat dissipation. It has a Niujiao type heat dissipation structure, which adopts the shared hardware cooling mode, compact structure and thermal barrier design in accordance with air mechanics, so as to enhance the long-term operation ability of the game book. The author noticed a detail in the process of playing the game. Even when the fan is running at high speed, the noise is still very small, which does not affect the rest of the surrounding people, nor disturb the operation of the player in the game, which reflects the heart of Dell G3. In terms of screen, Dell G3 game has reached the fever level. First, as a screen with the player for the longest time, the comprehensive ability of the screen directly determines the user experience. Therefore, Dell G3 adopts a narrow frame full screen design to make the game experience more immersive; meanwhile, the screen material provides IPS anti glare screen, which brings better visual view for the players. It is worth noting that hard core players can also choose the version of 144hz screen and 72% NTSC super high color domain. Such “fever” level screen quality enables players to obtain the most smooth visual experience, especially when finishing FPS games like csgo, the experience is very good. In addition, Dell G3 is also excellent in scalability. It has rich interfaces for players to choose from. It has three USB 2.0 interfaces, type C interface, SD card slot, USB 3.1 interface, 3.5mm headphone port and network interface. The configuration of multiple interfaces enables players to connect more devices and make the connection more smooth. After comprehensive experience, I find that Dell G3 has achieved the game book as a game book, which is to take into account high performance and stability, and also achieve the same level of leading level in appearance and basic experience. Such a game book with excellent comprehensive performance is very suitable for the purchase of friends who pursue the ultimate performance. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia