Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

According to foreign media PV tech, recently, energy start-up “5B” has obtained a $12 million round of financing. This round of “energy 500” is one of the world’s top investors in technology.

in 2013, 5b, based in Australia, was founded by chief executive Chris McGrath. It is a developer of clean technologies that offers innovative modular “plug and play” solar power solutions. The company calls its solution “maverick solution” and aims to improve the power generation system that uses solar energy.

5b is making great efforts to transform the way people use solar energy. How to use sunlight reasonably is a problem that the company has been thinking about and solving. The company has a team of renewable energy experts to make solar projects cheaper and faster, and to make energy use more intelligent.

it is understood that the main advantage of the company’s scheme is that it can deploy ground solar energy more quickly and simply. “5B” says that by using the “maverick solution”, a project team can deploy more than 200 kW of solar energy per day.

the “maverick solution” includes module mounts that are hexagonal in shape and arranged neatly together at an angle of 10 degrees. The module mounting base needs to be made in the factory at first, and then the engineers will deploy it quickly on site. It is understood that a module mount can contain 40-90 PV cell modules.

at present, “5B” has successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of its “maverick solution” in the Australian market. With the help of AES, the company will continue to unleash the potential of its solutions and demonstrate its strength to the global renewable energy market. “Maverick solution” has strong accessibility and technicality, and can accelerate the energy utilization and continuous transformation to clean energy.

AES has a solar energy deployment project. Now, it will officially start the implementation of this program from Panama. Later this year, AES will deliver a 2 megawatt solar power plant using the maverick solution.

AES will then also expand the 10 MW solar power facility operating in Chile’s Atacama Desert, and the “maverick solution” will be part of the expansion.

for the new round of financing, “5B” will continue to develop its solar energy utilization scheme, improve the technical level of the platform, and promote its system worldwide, hoping to change the delivery mode of solar energy projects.