Dialogue with Qiu Huang, vice president of discovery

Discovery media group has been the leader of documentary entertainment programs for a long time, providing enlightening, entertaining and participatory content and experience for global audiences and users. Since entering China in 1998, discovery discovery media group has been committed to bringing content and experience with exploration gene to Chinese audience.

Perhaps, many people know more about discovery discovery media group than about its television or content production business. However, discovery discovery discovery media group is not only a representative of the television media era, but also a pioneer in leading media reform and innovation. It has been insisting on using real content and diversified experience forms to create business innovation.

in the introduction of Qiu Huang, vice president of discovery discovery media group and general manager of Greater China and South Korea, we learned that discovery discovery media group, with multiple business segments, can be divided into several parts: media business is its largest business, followed by digital education business, real entertainment business and authorization business.

media business is divided into content distribution, advertising business and content production. “Content distribution mainly distributes content to hotels. There is discovery channel in the hotel, or we sell the content to Tencent video and bilibilibili (station B) through copyright sale. In this regard, we call it the distribution business. ”

advertising business is mainly content marketing, such as” perfect diary “cross-border cooperation: perfect diary eye shadow disc, using different animal eyes as a selling point to design products, and using Discovery to explore media group’s content material to make advertising short films, sold on line in a short time, and second times before the product. “When there is a natural fit between the product and the content, consumers will be willing to pay.” Said Qiu Huang. “As for the content production part, discovery discovery media group has many co productions in China. Whether with the official or with the major online video platforms, it has a lot of cooperation in content production every year, such as co production with SMG and bilibilibili.”

from the perspective of media companies, content IP is still the first important direction in the future. Qiu Huang added: “we invest a lot of efforts every year to create, and there are two directions: one is to land the international IP to China, or extend it with Chinese elements; the other is to create Chinese original IP, and the audience will see more contents of discovery exploration media group in the future 。”

besides media business, discovery discovery media group attaches great importance to the development of real entertainment experience center. There will be large and medium-sized indoor and outdoor projects, flagship real-life entertainment experience center in first tier cities, and flexible forms such as touring and exhibition to comprehensively create offline experience.

at the same time, discovery discovery media group has also targeted stem children’s digital education field in recent years. “Discovery discovery discovery media group entered the stem education field, in fact, adhering to the concept of education in fun. The real scene entertainment center is more outdoor scenes, while stem education field focuses on indoor scenes. In this field, we can accumulate more than 30 years of content and learn from the mature experience of stem education in the United States. ”

in addition, Qiu Huang said that a large part of the business was “authorized business”. There are two kinds of authorization business. One is the authorization business of consumer goods. For example, the brand discovery expedition sells clothes online. It has a relatively large scale in Asia. The annual sales volume in Asia reaches hundreds of millions of dollars. During the epidemic period, the sales volume of South Korea did not drop but increased. The other is an emerging business, namely the authorization of the cultural and tourism industry. Discovery discovery media group has set up a joint venture in China to promote the real entertainment business.

looking at the whole offline entertainment industry, its development was once frustrated by the impact of the epidemic. However, with the improvement of the epidemic situation in China, offline entertainment activities have also begun to recover, and the places for people to choose gradually increase.

according to Qiu Huang, at present, discovery discovery media group has three large-scale projects under discussion in China, which are located in Baoshan of Shanghai, Sanya of Hainan and Guangdong. Although the epidemic has temporarily delayed the development of the project and hindered people’s desire for consumption, Qiu Huang expressed a very optimistic expectation for the future, “the epidemic will only affect the real entertainment industry in the short term. After the epidemic is over, we expect that there will be a big rebound in the cultural and tourism market. In fact, some of the recent holiday tourism boom, garden opening boom and other phenomena have also verified this point. In the medium and long term, we are still optimistic about live entertainment. ”

“the epidemic has little impact on the online business of discovery discovery media group. In addition to the traditional TV business, discovery is also actively laying out its online digital business. This time, because of the epidemic, people in our homes can have more time to consume online content, so our channel ratings in Europe and the United States have risen instead of falling. As for offline, the epidemic has an immediate impact on some large-scale projects that have already landed. For example, the discovery exploration extreme Park, which has been built in Mogan mountain, was closed due to the epidemic. Some content production has to be suspended because of the temporary inability to travel or shoot outdoors. ”

However, during the epidemic period, some preparations can still be made, especially for real entertainment projects, which have a relatively long process of preparation and communication. Therefore, discovery exploration media group can still make steady progress during the epidemic.

in Qiu Huang’s view, the epidemic situation can seize the opportunity in the face of difficulties. “From the perspective of the industry, after all, the epidemic is still short-lived, which will not affect our judgment on the future potential of China’s cultural and tourism industry. We feel that live entertainment has great market potential. During the epidemic period, we also observed that although there are rich online viewing content, consumers always have a strong desire for the interaction between the offline and real world.”

in an already competitive market environment, discovery discovery media group hopes to bring discovery brand value-added to projects or scenic spots with its powerful content IP. “Education in fun”, which is repeatedly mentioned by Qiu Huang in the interview, will also be the core attraction of Discovery’s real entertainment project.

in terms of the time involved in this industry, Disney and universal studios are undoubtedly much earlier than discovery discovery media group, but even so, discovery has expanded rapidly in more than six years. Whether in the United States, Greater China, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, there are some large and mature projects under discussion.

compared with other brands that are also exploring real entertainment and making theme parks, Qiu Huang believes that the biggest difference between them and discovery discovery discovery media group lies in the difference between virtual pure entertainment and real-life experience of” teaching in fun “, and discovery content IP is undoubtedly the biggest advantage. “Parks like Disneyland and universal studios are built on the basis of fictional characters’ IP. Through characters and story lines, they reproduce the scenes in the film, providing us with a dream experience of temporarily forgetting the reality and living in the play. Discovery media group insists on doing documentary content. We believe that documentary content can stimulate people’s curiosity about the world and inspire people to know the world. Unlike pure entertainment and fantasy parks, we will not let everyone experience the established roles and story lines in the play, but let everyone become their own protagonists and open their own exploration stories. ”

in terms of volume, Qiu Huang said that traditional parks such as Disneyland are super large, and the same IP will appear repeatedly in different parks. Discovery media group has designed three types of experience centers: large, medium and small, and the content of each center will be developed according to local conditions and natural and cultural characteristics of different places, with low degree of replication and high degree of customization. At the same time, the hardware of the same center remains unchanged, but different experiences can be provided situationally by changing the content. It is expected that there will be a high repetition rate. Finally, compared with the traditional entertainment projects that have not changed for many years, the real entertainment experience center of discovery discovery exploration media group will be more high-tech and interactive. For example, ocean theme, in addition to 360 degree circular screen presentation, will also add line D high-tech element. The sense of science and technology is one of the unique experiences that discovery brings to the audience.

talking about the future layout of live entertainment, Qiu Huang told us, “at present, discovery discovery media group is using the largest Documentary Content IP in the world to develop live entertainment, which is mainly divided into three forms.”

first, build a large-scale live entertainment experience center in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, with an estimated annual flow of about 8 million people. Large scale projects in progress include: Baoshan South project in Shanghai, Sanya project in Hainan and Guangdong project. Hainan project is expected to be completed in 2-3 years with a scale of 8000-10000 mu; Baoshan real entertainment experience center in Shanghai, with a scale of about 800 mu, will be started in this year, and the second and third phase planning is in progress. The first phase is to cover the subway, and there will be small experience venues; the second phase has small experience halls with different themes, and the third phase is mainly outdoor green space, with outdoor leisure space and outdoor expansion Inspection items are the main items.

second, establish exploration camp in the second and third tier cities with regional characteristics, with an annual passenger flow of 3-5 million. China is rich in terrain and culture, so discovery media group’s product line will also adapt to local conditions, such as Gansu, Yunnan, Hubei Shennongjia and other projects. Their landforms are very characteristic, and it is easy to make interesting experience points without too many artificial elements. This is also in line with Discovery’s positioning of being close to nature and humanity.

in addition, there are also some shopping centers in the city to create family entertainment centers, small exhibitions, touring, etc., to comprehensively create realistic exploration and knowledge Museum offline experience different from fictional entertainment parks.

“the outlet of real entertainment has come as early as the last two years.” Qiu Huang is full of confidence in the future of live entertainment, “we are optimistic about live entertainment, and this trend is shared by all

Author: zmhuaxia