Difficulties in product design of B2B e-commerce platform (2)

Editor’s introduction: B2B e-commerce design platform will be more complicated and troublesome. In the first part, I talked about multi account and multi-dimensional price system, and the following focuses on the functional design of supply chain financial products. < p > < p > pledge financing generally requires us to integrate logistics and warehousing business. Being able to control the right of goods has prevented most of the risks, followed by the need for the capital side to have the ability to handle goods; for credit loans, it needs to have strong risk management and control ability, and credit evaluation is the first step of risk management and control, and a reasonable credit evaluation model can be used in credit extension There is a balance between scope and risk occurrence. < p > < p > currently, the “5C” theory is widely used in the practical application of credit evaluation model, which mainly evaluates the quality, capital scale, solvency, mortgage guarantee status and environment or conditions. < p > < p > credit evaluation model is a very professional field. If there is no risk control team in the enterprise, the credit evaluation model provided by the third party can be directly used. < / P > < p > after we have designed the credit evaluation model, we need to design the credit as a payment method, which can be used in the process of customer transaction without obstacles. < / P > < p > as a platform, credit payment can be used by any qualified shop in the platform, which involves capital flow, settlement, repayment and other related links after credit payment. < / P > < p > in the first case, because the platform itself has a certain binding force on the seller, it can pay the funds after the customer pays, not even after the payment, but after the seller and the platform agree on the delivery conditions. < / P > < p > in the second case, it is necessary to introduce the fund side into the platform so that it can check the transaction orders with credit payment and finally confirm whether the loan can be made. Generally, this kind of loan also needs to be completed through the virtual account system, and the settlement of funds is completed by the virtual account; as for repayment, the buyer transfers the funds to the agreed account before the maturity date of the loan , the system will automatically carry out withholding to complete the repayment. < / P > < p > enterprise level payment and supply chain finance are the top priority of B2B e-commerce platforms. Only by deeply understanding the products of transaction scenarios can we design and experience excellent payment and financial products. At present, most of the B2B e-commerce platforms have not provided online payment and financial products, or their experience is very poor. I always hope to see the well-designed enterprise level Payment and financial products are also expected to discuss this aspect with more students. < / P > < p > focuses on the product design of e-commerce midrange, is good at product planning and demand analysis, and is keen on researching the latest product forms in Zhongtai, SaaS and other fields. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?