Dig deep into technological innovation and count the four “black technologies” of Baidu input method. The more you use it, the more you like it

Now all walks of life pay attention to technological innovation, only excellent strength can attract the attention of consumers and become the leader in the industry. A small input method is also the same, in recent years Baidu input method performance is particularly prominent, it from the details of the function of deep plowing technology innovation. Today, I’ll take my friends to count the four “black technologies” of Baidu input method to make sure you like it more and more. < / P > < p > AI intelligence is the spokesperson of the contemporary trend. Therefore, baidu input method specially released the AI exploration version, which has strong technical breakthrough and support behind it. First, online voice black technology. It not only establishes a new voice model, combines CTC and attention to provide hard core support for hundreds of millions of voice recognition calls every day, but also takes the lead in breaking through and applying the world’s leading voice technology smlta, which improves the accuracy of online speech recognition by 15%, surpassing the industry’s best competitors. In the daily application, we can experience the relevant voice shorthand, voice to text, soft voice recognition and other functions, so that the work efficiency is higher and life is more convenient. < / P > < p > offline voice black technology. Baidu input method also has excellent offline speech recognition function. Its offline speech input accuracy rate is 35% higher than the industry average, which is basically as good as online speech recognition. Most of the time, users do not always use the input method in the network environment. When they go out without the network or the network signal is poor, the offline voice function of Baidu input method can still let you use it freely, which is difficult to experience on other input methods. < / P > < p > black technology of Chinese and English speech recognition. Baidu input method is the first input method to launch this function. It belongs to the evolution of AI technology innovation as well as offline voice. Although it is the first time to launch, but the results can not be underestimated. This Chinese English mixed speech input can not only achieve accurate recognition of a word, but also is very appropriate for sentence segmentation. So, for example, some foreign students who are learning Chinese or English, as well as business people who need to work in the workplace, baidu input method can meet the diversified needs of everyone. < p > < p > dialects speak black technology freely. English is a kind of multi language, baidu input method in considering it, but also think of the dependence and demand of some users on dialects, so Baidu input method can recognize a variety of dialects, such as Henan dialect, Shandong dialect, etc., which is also its strong point. Some middle-aged and elderly groups or villagers communicate with each other by using the dialect free speaking function of Baidu input method, which is more convenient and intimate. Of course, you can switch between Putonghua and dialect at will. < / P > < p > each of the four black technologies of Baidu input method has rich application scenarios, covering the multi-level experience needs of different user groups, and has won popular support. Recently, Baidu’s input method has been upgraded again. It has also launched new functions such as streamer keyboard and offline Chinese and English free speech. It’s really amazing and I like it more and more I use it! Skip to content