Digital Kingdom releases “masquerade 2.0” and “mieba” with face capture system to be used in next generation games

Los Angeles, September 10, 2020 – Digital Kingdom Group Co., Ltd., one of the world’s largest providers of visual effects and virtual reality experience, is pleased to announce that its self-developed facial capture system, masquerade, has recently completed its iteration and officially launched version 2.0 for games, episodes and commercial advertising. This iteration marks that the facial capture technology based on the system is sufficient to assist game developers, episode and commercial creators to integrate movie level virtual human into next generation works. At the same time, through this technology, which was used to create the role of “exterminating tyrants”, the performance depth and emotional communication of actors can be displayed on any small screen. < / P > < p > with the help of machine learning and training data, masquerade 2.0 has the ability to accurately capture facial details without restricting the movement of actors; in addition, it effectively reduces the time cost of shaping realistic digital characters and a large number of performances from more than one year to a few months. Over the past few years, the flexibility and freedom of the system have allowed the digital kingdom to build emotional virtual people for high-quality sensory experiences, including the Hollywood movies mentioned above, the real-time speech delivered by the real-time virtual human at ted2019, and the digital reengineering around Martin Luther King. < p > < p > masquerade 2.0 is the most advanced facial capture system. After two years of in-depth research and development, the system has achieved extremely fine facial capture, including accurate lip shape changes and eye movement. With the facial data collected by masquerade 2.0, the digital kingdom is endowed with the ability to depict complex facial dynamics, thus enriching the emotional expression of games, dramas and commercial advertisements. < / P > < p > it usually takes thousands of hours to create a single photo realistic digital character, but the data collected in this process is too dense for game works. The birth of masquerade 2.0 strengthens the mobility of this process. Visual artists can add complex facial dynamics to digital characters every moment, triggering their various emotional reactions. In the digital Kingdom, masquerade 2.0 has been used to create next generation game works, and visual artists have successfully completed more than 50 hours of game pictures with 10 times the efficiency. Mr. Darren Hendler, director of virtual human Department of digital Kingdom, said, “masquerade 2.0 is not only suitable for film production, but also extends to games and other sensory experiences beyond the limitations of application scenarios, becoming a powerful tool for describing digital characters. After a new optimization, the system can present the performance of the actors one by one, while retaining the details that had to be abandoned in the previous capture process. This has radically changed the delivery process of the digital Kingdom, enabling visual artists to drive asset turnover more quickly. In the past, a 50 hour video clip took 600000 hours of processing time, and masquerade 2.0 has successfully reduced this proportion by 95%. ” < / P > < p > “improving internal processes to provide better external services has always been the innovation strategy of digital kingdom. It’s crucial for filmmakers to build realistic performances led by virtual humans, as are game developers and creators of episodes and streaming media content, experimental experiences, and commercials. ” Mr. John fragomeni, President of the global visual effects business of digital Kingdom, stressed that “in the face of the growing demand of consumers for perfect images, digital kingdom is committed to exporting high-quality, simple and fast solutions that can adapt to any form of entertainment.” Mr. Xie an, CEO and executive director of digital Kingdom, said, “injecting Hollywood power into greater China market has always been the development vision and goal of digital kingdom. Closely following this objective, the studio set up by digital Kingdom has gradually formed a production center focusing on creating excellent sensory experience. Visual effect artists here will cooperate with global business bases to further widely apply a number of virtual human technologies including masquerade 2.0, so as to promote the integration of local works with international standards. ” Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo