Digital RMB officially landed! Mobile phone can be used without network, Alipay and WeChat face challenges.

Digital RMB is the legal digital currency that has not been issued by the people’s Bank of China. Digital RMB is equivalent to the current paper money and coins, and it is a controllable and anonymous payment instrument with value characteristics and legal compensation. The concept of digital RMB has been put forward for a long time. However, many factors need to be considered in the implementation, so that it has not been implemented. However, in April 2020, digital RMB began to be tested internally. < / P > < p > this also means that the digital RMB has entered the testing stage and will be able to meet you soon. On August 14, it was reported that the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on the pilot project: the pilot test will be carried out in Beijing Tianjin wing, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao for the first time. < / P > < p > that is to say, the digital RMB is officially launched! If there is no problem in the pilot test, it will be gradually expanded to various cities and regions according to the situation.

as everyone knows, no one shows any interest in Alipay’s payment and WeChat payment, which has become a habit of payment for most people. In other words, people are used to paying with Alipay and WeChat. What do they do without digital Renminbi? < / P > < p > first of all, digital RMB has the same value as banknotes and coins, and is the legal tender of the country. There are national credit endorsement and legal compensation. Someone can refuse to use it. < / P > < p > in addition, in terms of function. The advantage of digital RMB is that when your mobile phone has no Internet, it can still pay for things. This is the function that WeChat and Alipay have not done at present.

in this regard, the digital renminbi has a great advantage over WeChat and Alipay. For example, old people who can’t surf the Internet can pay by mobile phone as long as they have a mobile phone. < / P > < p > the payment method is also very simple. As long as the two devices are equipped with digital RMB, the transaction can be completed as long as the two devices touch each other. Isn’t it very convenient? Whether the arrival of

digital yuan will cause the loss of personnel to WeChat and Alipay is unknown. But the advent of digital yuan can really subvert our payment method.

if more people choose the digital Renminbi as the way of payment, the status of WeChat and Alipay will be shaken. This may be an unavoidable loss.

is a new challenge for Alipay and WeChat. Alipay and WeChat have been paying hundreds of millions of users. Since there are no third payment methods, WeChat and Alipay are two and half of the country. < / P > < p > no challenge means no pressure, so there is no big change. Although both of them have launched face brushing payment, which has subverted the payment method again, it is not the mainstream at present. < / P > < p > however, many users have been complaining about the free withdrawal of cash and wechat payment from free withdrawal to service charge. However, users still need to use it because there is no third-party payment method. Today, the arrival of digital RMB may change this pattern. Maybe WeChat payment and Alipay will take some measures to extend the rule of exemption from fees. Objectively speaking, digital RMB only gives us a choice of payment method. In addition, we have optimized our payment method, and we can also pay without the Internet, which provides many conveniences for many old people who can’t surf the Internet. In addition,

, whether Alipay, WeChat or digital currency, is just a way of payment. Alipay and WeChat have been integrated into our lives. There is no need to abandon WeChat and Alipay in order to experience new payment methods. The three can coexist completely. Skip to content