Digital technology innovation helps economic and social development

Beijing, China, January 28 (reporter Han Chunyao) on the 28 day, the “digital technology and platform for COVID 19 era: challenges and prospects for developing countries” meeting was held online. The conference was intended to explore the role of COVID-19 in the global technology and platform response to social and economic shocks. Focusing on the theme of what impact digital technology will bring to the economic recovery and social development of developing countries under the epidemic situation, Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent group, shared Tencent’s practice of actively undertaking social responsibility and using Internet technology to help economic recovery and promote cultural innovation.

According to reports, for small and medium-sized micro businesses greatly affected by the early epidemic, wechat, a social platform with 1.2 billion users, helps businesses regroup users and help them complete transactions through wechat payment. After the outbreak, Tencent education online services more than 100 million students and millions of teachers; Tencent conference has more than 100 million users eight months after its launch.

Cheng Wu said at the meeting that the cultural industry, which has accumulated more than 10 years of digital transformation, also released great energy during the epidemic period, bringing people rich spiritual experience. As one of the explorers of digital culture, Tencent defined its position as a “technology + culture” company in 2017, and formally put forward the development idea of new cultural creation in 2018, emphasizing the construction of IP as the core of cultural production. “Last year, the film and television drama” qingniannian “accompanied many audiences in their isolation time at home. The show has received more than 16 billion hits. ” Cheng Wu introduced that “Qing Nian Nian” was adapted from a network literature work of the same name. His team patiently explored the value of the original work and integrated it into the core of modern thinking, thus realizing IP value-added in the adaptation across content forms. In February last year, Tencent cooperated with Dunhuang Research Institute to launch an online app called “travel around Dunhuang”. When the Mogao Grottoes was closed due to the epidemic, it continued to spread its culture in the mode close to users, such as electronic calendar and interactive dubbing drama. So far, it has attracted more than 21 million people.

“Looking back on the” digital anti epidemic “campaign in the past year, we find that there is continuous innovation behind the products that can profoundly affect the development of the industry and create value for users.” Cheng Wu said that novel coronavirus pneumonia and the platform have helped the community to cope with the challenges posed by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and provide a long-term kinetic energy for social recovery.

People’s daily (edition 10, January 29, 2021)

(editor in chief: Zhao Chao, LV Qian)