Dimension reduction from Apple! The price of domestic mobile phones rises through 5g, and iPhone 12 emphasizes cost performance?

If Apple CEO cook does this, it is estimated that the whole industry will be “boiling” ~ whether it will devalue the brand value of apple or pull apple to a new height, everything will be like a big gamble ~ < / P > < p > you know, iPhone 5C released with iPhone 5S in 2013 and iPhone XS released with iPhone XS in 2018 The sales volume of XR is really dazzling, but it has squeezed the sales of flagship models to a large extent Of course, Apple’s global market data mining and analysis capabilities are no less professional than those of third-party data analysis institutions. So if Apple really wants to release four models, competitors will have to be on guard! < p > < p > in fact, the competitors of Apple’s iPhone products are the brand manufacturers of the entire Android mobile phone camp, just like the competitors of Apple’s MAC computers and the manufacturers of the entire Windows computer camp. < / P > < p > compared with the previous iPhone stand-alone boutique strategy and the subsequent “cheap version” of spare parts inventory, the iPhone 12 series, which has four models at the same time, seems to be aiming at the medium, high and flagship platforms of the whole industry. < p > < p > Tim Cook, who took over Apple’s CEO from Steve Jobs, has brought Apple’s market value to $1 trillion all the way! It has doubled in two years from 2018 to 2020, when it became the first and the second US $1 trillion enterprise in the world. The speed of upgrading to US $2 trillion has shocked the industry! The price of the iPhone < 5 g series is lower than that of the standard iPhone models. It may be more interesting to return to the standard design of the iPhone < 5p >, and even some products with the right angle < 5 p > will be more interesting? < / P > < p > what we need to know is that the price of domestic mobile phones has risen sharply through 5g! When Xiaomi 10 was sold for 5999 yuan, Lei Jun directly called Xiaomi a high-end brand. It is said that the cost of purchasing the 5g chip of Qualcomm snapdragon increased to 1000 yuan. < / P > < p > if we invest a lot in technology research and development and promote the development of domestic science and technology, it is understandable that to realize the counter attack under the overall situation of falling behind, we need to pay more intensive scientific research efforts and more resources in advance and continuous investment. < / P > < p > but now the situation is that even millet, which claims to be cost-effective, has gone up in price. Apple’s new iPhone 12 emphasizes cost performance? All of them are to support 5g technology, which leads to higher costs, such as the “forced” price increase of Xiaomi? < p > < p > has apple under cook become a “conscience”? Even if Apple has strong control over the supply chain, it is impossible to keep costs down to the 4G era. < / P > < p > when Apple invested a lot of resources in ecological layout and increased the price of iPhone products for profit, almost all mainstream manufacturers ridiculed Apple’s iPhone pricing as “not user-friendly” except Huawei, which modestly expressed its learning from Apple’s ecological ability. < / P > < p > now, Apple iPhone is facing the cost increase, the built-in advertising of mobile phone seriously affects the user experience, trying to increase the price of its mobile phone products and make more profits However, it has been reported that the cost performance ratio ~ < / P > < p > has changed from being drunk to being drunk and waking up alone. It is more like a plan that has been brewing for a long time: a dimension reduction attack from Apple! “Low price is the conscience” atmosphere cultivated by a rice manufacturer, or will it boost apple to gain more shares? < / P > < p > first, Apple’s past high-quality experience has successfully built a high-end brand, and the huge profit margin has created a strong “home base” for Apple: the iPhone profit margin is originally high enough, a little lower does not affect it, and the sales promotion brings higher revenue! < p > < p > an example for expression only: originally, the profit margin of iPhone products was 30%, and the cost of 5g parts increased, but there was enough profit support without price increase. Although it is not easy to talk about small profits and quick sales, the iPhone strategy obviously has that flavor ~ < / P > < p > Second, keep the original product price or even lower price, and bring iPhone devices to more consumers and further develop Because of the profit-making environment of ecological services, people’s consumption ability of value-added services is obviously hard for apple to ignore! < / P > < p > Apple has lowered the price of iPhone a little, and some domestic e-commerce platforms have actively subsidized it, which directly “ignited” the rush buying boom of domestic consumers and further increased Apple’s ecological users. Third, when competitors are tired of coping with rising costs and selling equipment at higher prices, Apple’s strong control over the supply chain shows great advantages: Apple’s orders are large enough, and suppliers never worry about capital chain problems. < p > < p > Huawei Technology launched the leading Baron 5000 baseband chip, and a certain meter was engaged in asymmetric marketing with the “half disabled” snapdragon X50; later, Qualcomm finally released the snapdragon x55, and Apple iPhone 12 might launch the snapdragon X60 baseband! According to relevant sources, the price of iPhone 12 is only 669 US dollars, which is about 4604 yuan of cabbage price. It is almost enough to eat two desserts. Many “tall” domestic brand mobile phones are almost directly competitive with the marked price! Although the price of the entry-level iPhone 12 is lower, it may be 4G and does not support 5g network. However, as the iPhone XR2 is named iPhone 11, which is more popular, many people pay more attention to the naming of iPhone 12 ~ < / P > < p > in addition, iPhone 12max and iPhone are also popular 12pro supports 5g network access. Based on the A14 processor developed by apple and the 5g baseband chip of “external” Qualcomm snapdragon X60, no one pays attention to the 6G storage except 128GB starting memory. < / P > < p > the heaviest iPhone 12pro Max will support lidar lidar and support 120Hz screen refresh rate. Other models may only support the display panel but can not be turned on due to the display IC driver chip problem, which needs to be finally revealed < / P > < p > even the top equipped iPhone 12pro Max sold for only $1399, about 9634 yuan. With such a low price, strong hardware performance and ecological experience, the pressure of domestic brands is not small ~ < / P > < p > domestic mobile phones are taking advantage of 5g price increase, while iPhone 12 emphasizes cost performance. Apple’s “three board axe” to stir up the situation. For domestic brand mobile phone manufacturers trying to impact high price and high profit margin, this will be a dimension reduction blow from Apple! < p > < p > Huawei, which has also developed Kirin chips, built its own HMS ecosystem and own Hongmeng OS kernel, has surpassed Apple’s iPhone in the United States and Samsung’s smartphone in South Korea to become the first in the global smartphone industry, but the chip trump may be pressed down < / P > < p > along the way, he attacked many domestic friends and stepped on the top of a certain meter of Shanzhai mobile phones. For a time, he called out “x-meter new domestic product, slowly Chinese chip”. 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Author: zmhuaxia