Discovery curiosity DD dragon creates a new experience of “June 1” playing and learning offline

Recently, curiosity DD dragon, a brand new children’s stem education and entertainment brand of discovery, a leading global reality entertainment brand, has accelerated the layout of offline channels. The first batch of children have settled in Beijing, Nanjing, Shenyang, Jinan and other key cities. With the theme of “play and learn 61, sprout new thinking”, stem education activity experience space is arranged to provide 3-6-year-old children with new scientific exploration game experience.

in the era of artificial intelligence, the United States, Australia and other countries have clearly proposed that we should attach great importance to stem education in pre-school, so as to promote the cultivation of innovative and compound talents facing the future. In order to promote the development of stem education, the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences has formulated the 2029 innovation action plan for stem education in China, and the Ministry of education of the people’s Republic of China has also made it clear in the guide to learning and development of 3-6-year-old children that science is one of the five major areas to be studied and developed in kindergarten.

in addition to choosing counseling institutions with high price and scarce resources, how to carry out stem education immediately and conveniently at home and help children master the key ability of scientific exploration has become another new topic of family education faced by Chinese parents.

during the children’s day, curiosity DD dragon presented a more ideal pre school STEM education program for China’s preschool families. Curious DD dragon and FAO Schwarz (Schwarz, Beijing) based on scientific exploration themes such as “dinosaurs, engineering, pets, science, nature” Hamleys (Hamleys, Beijing), Haichang Ocean Park (Nanjing), North book city (Shenyang), NYC New York International Children’s Club (Jinan) and other offline cooperation channels have added product interactive experience areas. Through the play and learning experience of American children’s stem education, they create interdisciplinary stem activity experience space, encourage children to “play and learn” and use “living knowledge” to explore the world World, active learning, facing the future.

“let children play and learn. With the help of discovery children’s documentary and stem exploration toys, we can carry out exploratory science enlightenment education in interesting scientific exploration activities, which is the product development purpose of curiosity DD dragon. We hope to help parents launch scientific enlightenment education anytime and anywhere, arouse children’s curiosity with interesting contents and activities, and stimulate their exploration instinct. ” Curious DD dragon brand promotion director at the scene introduced.

John Dewey, a famous American educationalist, stressed that “knowledge-based education should be transferred to children’s activities, and children’s abilities should be gradually developed by using the knowledge they have learned according to the procedure of children’s development.” Following the educational philosophy of Dewey, a famous American educationalist, curiosity DD long is based on the advantages of discovery brand and resources, takes the national standards for Science Education issued by the National Research Council of the United States as the design benchmark and combines the stem education concept to create the discovery children’s scientific exploration box, providing Chinese children with “Online + offline” full scene inquiry type scientific enlightenment education.

“the first time a baby experiences rocket launching, he understands the principle of rocket launching and thinks it’s cool!” after taking his child to experience the discovery children’s science exploration box with the theme of engineering, a parent was very excited and said that his child had planted a vision for rocket engineers.

the curiosity DD dragon discovery children’s science exploration box, including stem exploration theme toys, provides children with “offline” exploration entrance. Covering the three fields of science, nature and humanities, toy sets can not only meet the needs of children’s hands-on exploration, but also guide children to carry out further learning in play. In the engineering theme, children can explore the aerodynamic principle by simulating rocket launching toys, or understand the mechanical principle through gear matching theme suit; they can also set up their own farm under the scientific theme to observe and understand the process of plant growth; They even assemble their own TV sets and use the scientific principles of light and shadow to edit, direct and perform interesting shadow plays. In “learning by playing”, stem explores theme toys, breaks the boundaries of logical organization among disciplines, cultivates children’s ability to think independently and solve problems, as well as imagination and expression that are indispensable in stem education.

online, curiosity DD dragon stimulates children’s curiosity and guides active exploration with stem bilingual enlightenment video. Together with Harvard alumni and senior Hollywood screenwriter, curious DD long stimulates children’s interest in independent exploration and expands their broad vision and international thinking by combining animation with stem bilingual enlightenment video of discovery original reality materials. From Triassic to Cretaceous, we can learn about dinosaurs in evolution, learn the language of pets, learn how to get along with pets safely, and also learn geometry, logic, color and even calculation; To explore the micro world, we can also travel the world at home. Facing the future, children’s scientific literacy, technical literacy, engineering literacy and mathematical literacy are laying the foundation for the new generation’s childhood through the production of excellent stem bilingual enlightenment videos.

the “Online + offline Omni channel mode” also provides scientific guarantee for the core concept of “learning by playing”, and becomes a complete stem education solution provided by curiosity DD long for Chinese families. Children’s Day is adorable. China’s children’s Day is a turning point. It’s from the STEM learning experience of American children’s education. It is using the curious DD dragon as a bridge to let more Chinese children feel the charm of scientific exploration and help them unlock more potential in the future.

“stem” is composed of the abbreviations of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Stem education is an educational concept, not an educational theory. Different from general knowledge popularization, stem education not only means the theoretical study of scientific phenomena and scientific knowledge, but also emphasizes individual hands-on and practical operation. The purpose of stem education is to cultivate children’s ability to solve real-world problems with the theoretical principles of science and mathematics and the operation mode of technology and engineering.

curiosity DD dragon is a children’s education and entertainment brand created by American Discovery combining brand and content advantages for 3-6-year-old children and families. Curiosity DD dragon adheres to the brand concept of “meeting human curiosity” of discovery, with the core goal of cultivating children’s exploration thinking. In the process of learning by playing, it accumulates scientific knowledge, uses brains to solve problems and grasps inquiry methods. Curiosity DD dragon’s main business is discovery children’s science exploration box (Interactive Video + toys). The “curiosity Tour” box is based on the children’s stem play and learning experience in the United States. It is created by international designers and Ivy League screenwriters. It helps parents seize the golden period of brain development of children aged 3-6, make full use of children’s playtime, let children play with toys and watch discovery children’s documentaries, and gain the necessary scientific literacy and lifelong learning ability before school.

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