Dissatisfied with AMD, NVIDIA dual player graphics card manufacturers warmly welcome Intel graphics card

In 1998, Intel launched a unique i740, but it didn’t do it at that time. For 22 years, it has focused on the core display. This year, Intel once again entered the high-performance GPU market to compete with AMD and NVIDIA. < p > < p > Intel has a lot of problems to solve in GPU display, such as technology, production, marketing, etc., but there is still a key issue to consider, that is, can they obtain the support of the video card manufacturers in the market? < / P > < p > players who have known about the video card market should know how many graphics card manufacturers stand on the side of GPU manufacturers, which means which GPU company has a chance to win. So far, there are only a few brands of a card in China, which is also the key. < p > < p > on the issue of industry support, Michelle Johnston halthaus, vice president of Intel, recently stated that Intel is looking forward to their return to the unique market, and customers also hope to have more choices besides the two GPU manufacturers. < p > < p > from the communication between the author and the video card manufacturers, Intel’s statement is correct. At present, the two exclusive GPU markets of AMD and NVIDIA have already made the video card manufacturers very dissatisfied, especially when NVIDIA is the dominant one. According to the Q2 quarterly GPU market report released recently by JPR, NVIDIA’s unique share has reached 80%, and AMD has only 20%. < / P > < p > of course, Intel’s Duxian business will not be achieved overnight. According to the previous plan, DG1 is the main one to be listed this year, which is positioned at the entry-level level, and it is more used with notebooks. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine