Distributed storage “my home cloud” opens the era of private big data security!

Now we really usher in the time of big data. The amount of data generated every day in the world is so much that we can’t believe it. The company’s data will no longer be discussed. What is close to our life, such as downloaded music, movies, pictures, documents, photos we took, small videos we shared, etc., are symbols of data! But how many users know how to protect the security of their data. Although hackers are not necessarily interested in us, taking photos by themselves is very commemorative. If we lose them that day, aren’t we very upset? Some friends will back up to their own computer, but this is not the most secure, tedious process, over time will lose patience. Once the emergence of the network disk really convenient for you, but now the network disk has almost all closed, only Baidu is still trying to support, so the network disk in our view has become the past. In such a big environment, new cloud devices begin to enter us, that is, NAS, commonly known as private cloud. At present, many enterprises are using such devices. Its advantage is that they can establish an internal private cloud to facilitate the dissemination and storage of data between enterprises. Of course, several enterprise level products are also very expensive because of the large demand for data Most of them are built-in 4-disk products. The price of a 5T hard disk is not cheap. With maintenance, it is not the object of choice for ordinary users! < / P > < p > is there a private cloud for home use? The answer is yes. For example, today’s product, Jiajia cloud, is a new generation of home storage, which is based on distributed storage devices, and the built-in hard disk is not afraid of damage. Because it is based on household development, so the price is much cheaper than enterprise level, although the price is not expensive, but the security of its data storage is not low at all! Today I would like to share my experience with you! < / P > < p > this is another low-key packaging that I saw. Is it the same old saying that good steel is used on the blade! You can see that on the package of my home cloud, there is only a logo and the English name of my home cloud. It seems that manufacturers should put all the focus on the products. Although the gorgeous packaging box helps sales, for this NAS product, we pay more attention to the performance and use effect of the product itself! < / P > < p > the internal packaging of my cloud is very stable. After all, it is a product with built-in hard disk, and electronic products are generally afraid of bumps. It seems that the host of my cloud is not small, and the whole package is almost occupied by it. The small box beside it is attached with random accessories. I will present the family photo later! < / P > < p > this is the family photo, a home virtual machine, power adapter, network cable, and a recommended manual. It is recommended that you read the manual carefully before using it! < / P > < p > no matter how rich the text is, it is not as intuitive as a table. The following are the hardware parameters of my home cloud. It is equipped with cortex-a53 architecture processor, with 8GB ROM, 1GB DDR3 memory, and the built-in 2T hard disk is 5700 rpm, this hardware is not as fast as our daily 7200 rpm. In fact, you are wrong. This NAS product requires stability, so the built-in monitoring hard disk in my cloud is characterized by stable operation! Gigabit network is standard configuration, and the other two U ports are USB3.0 and USB2.0, which is not so advanced in terms of hardware. However, it is a server that needs stable working performance. Therefore, as long as there is enough hardware, there is no problem. After all, it is not stack hardware like mobile phone! < / P > < p > My Home cloud is a new generation of household NAS products based on distributed storage technology. Here, I will briefly introduce what is distributed storage technology, which is to store data on hundreds of Li devices. In the past, the traditional network storage system used centralized storage server to store all the data. The storage server has become the bottleneck of system performance and the focus of reliability and security, but it can not meet the needs of large-scale storage applications. The distributed network storage system adopts the scalable system structure, uses multiple storage servers to share the storage load, and uses the location server to locate the storage information. It not only improves the reliability, availability and access efficiency of the system, but also is easy to expand! This is the characteristics of distributed storage technology! < / P > < p > the overall design of my home cloud is also simple and elegant, clean and tidy. There is only a round power switch on the front of the host, and an LED indicator light at the bottom. The overall aluminum alloy material not only protects the hardware, but also increases the overall strength, but also prompts the appearance! < / P > < p > in order to give users a better experience, jiajiayun uses sandblasting process on the surface of the aluminum alloy shell, which has a good feel and no fingerprints. The color of the product matches our daily home environment. Of course, if there are multiple colors to choose from, it would be great. Why metal materials are used? The first is to improve the texture and increase the strength of the shell. The second point is to heat the host. We know that the server is working 24 hours a day, which is different from our computer. Therefore, the heat is always generated continuously. The metal shell is conducive to heat conduction and can provide a good cooling environment for the hardware ! < / P > < p > My Home cloud is equipped with a USB3.0 interface and a USB2.0 interface for data expansion at ordinary times. The top is a small round hole to restore the factory button, and the lower part of the USB interface is a precursor interface. In order to ensure the stable operation of the host, my home cloud uses 12V dcin DC power supply. Here I want to say that when restoring the factory settings, I just deleted the personal account information, but the information of the built-in hard disk is very safe! < / P > < p > the top of my virtual machine is designed with a cooling hole, and the active fan is used. When the small fan inside is rotating, the noise can be faintly heard, but it is not enough to generate noise! < / P > < p > there are four anti-skid pads at the bottom, which have good effect and can also be used on glass mirror. Also, if you want to dismantle the machine, you can start here, but it is not recommended to do so, after all, you can disassemble the warranty without permission! < / P > < p > My Home cloud technology is very good. As can be seen from the pictures, the details should be controlled strictly. There are no burrs on the edges and corners, and the grinding is very smooth. This shows the attitude of a company in making products! < / P > < p > finally, take a look at the 12v3a power adapter of my home cloud. The original charger is very good in terms of weight, which can be felt through the appearance and feel! < / P > < p > here, the appearance of my home cloud has been finished. It has to be said that the sincerity of this product can be seen both in terms of appearance design and material technology. However, hardware is only a part of my cloud, and its essence is the essence of the product. Next, we’ll take a look at his performance on various clients! < / P > < p > it can be said that if we do NAS products, the supported platforms are the most concerned by us. For now, my cloud has submitted a satisfactory answer sheet. At present, the mainstream systems that are more commonly used are within the scope of its support! Apple devices like IOS, Android mobile terminals, smart TVs, and windows computers are perfectly compatible. First of all, we should know the advantages of NAS. It can not only save data, but also share it, so that more family members, friends, or close colleagues can share it. Facilitate the exchange of data, whether it is our life or work, will be in a convenient world. Relaxed and happy! Because the author does not have IOS equipment, so here can only use Android mobile phones and smart TV, as well as computers for you to introduce! The installation process of < / P > < p > will not be introduced here. As long as you follow the app step by step, what kind of registration account, add device, network connection, etc., these problems can be easily solved! I don’t need to talk about it here! After entering the main interface, you can see that the app of my home cloud has four sections. They are files, albums, sharing circles, and more settings from left to right. < / P > < p > first, let’s talk about the first section. Here, we can create the corresponding folder according to our own needs and upload it. See the plus sign? Click it, we can upload a series of data, such as pictures, videos, documents, music, other files and so on, but also create documents, as well as folders! This file can be said to be the main area of the entire app, and it is linked with other plates. For example, the movies I downloaded from the Internet can be displayed here, but when downloading, you need to go to more sections to create a task to download! There are also mobile phone backup information can be displayed here! Very convenient to use! < / P > < p > the second section is the photo album, which has a clearer division of labor. The main task is to backup and connect the photos and videos in my cloud phone. Of course, the screenshots of our mobile phone, wechat pictures, and the pictures received by QQ can all be used! In addition, we can choose manual or automatic. The backup time depends on the size of the data. If there are multiple users using my home cloud at the same time, they can also enjoy such function treatment, that is, they can also backup data, and the space is relatively independent! < / P > < p > you need to connect to the network when you back up! Both data and WiFi can be used. You can take photos when you travel, travel or study. You can record all the things you are interested in. In fact, you don’t have to worry about the network now. Today’s charges are falling again and again. There are often wireless traffic cards in various regions. And it doesn’t cost much money, and now it’s rare to see the scene of travel complaining about insufficient traffic! The more humanized is that the system supports intelligent classification operation, which can automatically merge according to different time, place and video. The advantage is that it is convenient for us to search in the future! < / P > < p > the third sharing circle, where we can add more friends to use my home cloud, backup interesting photos and videos together. As a family cloud storage server, my home cloud allows multiple family members to share such services, and you don’t have to worry about the disclosure of your photos or information, because they are independent spaces. For security and personal privacy considerations, my family Cloud members’ rights management and mutual access can only be carried out through sharing. Although it is not convenient, it still has its advantages! < / P > < p > in fact, the last section contains rich content. All the settings of my cloud are here, and the cloud download tasks and external devices are all here. As far as the author is concerned, my favorite is cloud download. It only takes more than ten seconds to download a 3G movie through online retrieval resources, which is extremely fast, and the resources are relatively rich. However, when downloading, it is recommended to select some with larger capacity, so that the quality of the video can be guaranteed! It can be downloaded and played. The video files in my cloud can be easily opened through the player provided by the mobile phone, and the loading speed is very fast. After testing, it will be 2-4 seconds slow in the case of fast backward or fast forward