Do not leave a way for Huawei, Samsung and Hynix memory chip supply constraints, Yu Chengdong show fatigue

This is the rhythm of not leaving Huawei a way back. Without Hisilicon chips, even the core components will be limited. Huawei’s mobile phone business will be very difficult in the future, and Yu Chengdong is already very tired. Huawei’s R & D capability is one of the strongest in the domestic and external environment. Since last year, the US side has been looking for various reasons to sanction Huawei. It is found that Huawei, which has been listed in the entity list, has not “capitulated”, but has become stronger and stronger. This has also led the other party to take stronger sanctions. Now, it’s not just the core chip problem, but the key parts. Huawei is afraid to strive for nationwide production. The most important reason why Huawei can become the second largest mobile terminal manufacturer in the world is that it has many self-developed technologies, among which Kirin chip is undoubtedly the most outstanding. As you can see, Samsung, Huawei and apple, the world’s top three mobile phone manufacturers, all have their own chips. Although Huawei overtook Samsung in the second quarter of this year to become the world’s first, after the chip supply chain is blocked, Huawei’s mobile phones will lose very important hardware differentiation, and sales may face a big decline. < / P > < p > the second round of sanctions this year has the greatest impact on Huawei’s consumer business, blocking all the supply chain of Huawei chips, and former partners have to choose to terminate cooperation, including TSMC. As a result, Huawei Hisilicon high-end chips can not be produced, and Huawei’s own chip supply has been insufficient. The mainland’s SMIC can only mass produce 14nm, and the worst thing is that its production equipment also contains American technology. What Huawei is facing now is how Kirin chips survive. However, the U.S. sanctions against Huawei are not over, and the next series of operations attempt to completely ban Huawei. The new ban puts Huawei’s 38 branches on the list of entities, followed by a license for all chip companies that contain U.S. technology to supply Huawei. What’s more, Samsung and Hynix, the global storage chip giants, have to apply to the US for shipment. Huawei began to place repair orders with suppliers for other peripheral IC’s, including power amplifier, RF, power supply and lens, etc., and used political means to intervene in economic cooperation. < / P > < p > Huawei’s next shipment and sales of mobile phones may decline significantly. Now it’s not just a chip problem, but also other core components that the other party is trying to limit. They also forced Huawei to take root in the semiconductor industry in an all-round way. Maybe it can conquer relevant technologies in the future, but it is not so easy for Huawei to lay out the whole industrial chain. To be honest, it does not have the resources and consortia like Samsung. If it wants to build its own industrial chain, it is the best choice to cooperate with other domestic enterprises. < p > < p > it may be due to the pressure of sanctions from the United States. Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, lost his passion in the past at the Huawei new product launch on August 19, and his tired state was all written on his face, and many of his friends felt distressed. The extreme external environment has led Huawei to great internal pressure, and repeated crackdowns have not let Huawei fall, which shows that they have strength. But now the other party’s all-round supply chain restrictions have had a great impact on Huawei’s development in the global market. < p > < p > next, the Huawei developer conference in 2020 will be a very important link, which is the time for Huawei to show its muscle. As for how to face the next step of sanctions, I believe Huawei has already made a prediction, and I also believe that Huawei can find a solution and tide over the difficulties smoothly. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12