Do you have a better way to sum data with units in excel?

In the form sent by colleagues in work, the unit is added after the number. If you want to sum these data, you can not sum them with shortcut keys and summation functions. Today, I share the summation methods of several special data. < / P > < p > like the table in the figure above, it is necessary to sum the sales volume in January. The content in column C is in the form of, and cannot be summed with sum / < / P > < p > 2. Click in the wizard window, in step 2, check other, enter: piece in the text box, and then click Next until the completion of < / P > < p > 1. Select column C, click the button in the tab, and select < / P > < p > 2 In the search and replace window, enter the search content: piece, replace it with no input, and click the button. Finally, in this window, the same file in column C will be removed. < / P > < p > after the above two solutions, have you found a little feeling? If you use a newer version of Excel, you can use the CTRL + e key to extract the number. < / P > < p > choose to manually input the first number into the D2 cell on the right, and then select the D3 cell cell cell below, and press the CTRL + e key to extract the whole column of numbers. The dynamic diagram is shown as follows: < / P > < p > and If the above method can be used to extract the number, but the unit of quantity behind the data is different, and it is necessary to multiply the number by 10000 or 1000000. Obviously, a lot of data is very troublesome. < / P > < p > 1. Select column C, press the CTRL + H key to call up the search and replace window. In the search content, input: million, replace with input: e + 06, click the button < / P > < p > 2. Press the CTRL + H key to call up the window, and enter: [0-9.] {1, }, replace with the input:+ , click the button, check, and finally click the button, and the animation demonstration is as follows: < / P > < p > 3. Copy the converted content in word and paste it into cell D4: D9, so as to calculate the sum of the values in each cell. The animation demonstration is as follows: < / P > < p > what problems have you encountered in using Excel, please leave a message in the comment area to discuss and study together, and insist on the originality Yi, your like forwarding is the biggest support for small editors. For more tutorials, click the column below to learn. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year