Do you know which parts of a computer are most likely to have hardware failures?

As one of the necessary electronic products in office, computer is also an indispensable equipment in life. What hardware does the computer often break down? Today, I’d like to talk to you, so that you can better protect your computer and minimize the occurrence of faults. < / P > < p > the failure probability of CPU is very low. Although there are hundreds of millions of transistors in the CPU, as a whole, there are almost no too many parts and components, so the probability of failure is very low, except for overclocking users. < / P > < p > is different from the mechanical hard disk in its structure. There is almost a whole circuit board inside the SSD, which basically will not fail. However, due to the existence of erasure times of SSD, when the read and write of the hard disk reaches the critical value, the life of the hard disk will be over. However, there is no need to worry about the service life in daily use. < / P > < p > there is no response when the U disk is plugged in, and there is a flower screen on the monitor plug In addition, dust is also a major cause of interface failure. < / P > < p > the main faults of the display are dust and overheating, which lead to chip or video memory damage, and the maintenance cost is not low, but the failure probability is not high. If the computer is given a good working environment and correct use mode, the damage probability of the unique display will not be very high. < / P > < p > conclusion: it is recommended to clean the dust on the laptop or desktop regularly, generally once a year or two. < p > < p > finally, Caesar wants to say that in addition to the quality and failure of the hardware itself, the poor working environment will accelerate the failure of the hardware. Dust is a major killer of the computer, affecting all parts, and also affecting the cooling capacity of the computer. We should know that the computer is actually an electrical appliance that is afraid of heat, overheating will accelerate the aging of components, and the life of the computer will be greatly reduced. < / P > < p > statement: I share this tutorial in the hope that you can learn about information security and be vigilant! This course is only for teaching. It can’t be used for other purposes. I’m not responsible for it. Please know! Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865