Do you really know the most basic and simple mobile photography knowledge?

“The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and the front waves die on the beach”. Perhaps it is a vivid and cruel portrayal of the photographic equipment or the digital market. Mobile phone, has changed the photography industry, at least changed some of my own shooting habits. Perhaps, mobile phone can not shake the status of SLR camera in my heart, but I have to say, at least it has become a part of my photography equipment, and mobile phone photography has become a part of my life. < p > < p > mobile photography has gradually transformed into a photography category with a large number of audiences. In particular, mobile photography has the advantages of portability, easy to grasp, convenient shooting and instant sharing function. Mobile photography can meet the daily needs of many people. In order to do a good job, one must first use his tools. “Choosing a good mobile phone is the key to complete mobile phone photography. However, as there are so many mobile phones in the market that people can’t understand all kinds of advertising language, how to judge the quality of mobile phone photo taking function? < p > < p > mobile phone photography is actually a miniature digital camera. The key to evaluate its photography function is the same, mainly including the size and model of photosensitive element, the maximum aperture of lens, effective pixel, etc. < / P > < p > the photosensitive element is the core component of the mobile phone camera module. The larger the size and the newer the model, it can bring more delicate imaging and better tolerance. Of course, compared with the full frame photosensitive element of the SLR camera, it is dozens of times smaller, and the ability to capture light is greatly different, so the image quality cannot be compared. < / P > < p > at present, the aperture of mobile phone lens is fixed and cannot be adjusted. However, the larger the aperture, it means greater luminous flux, better virtual ability and stronger night shooting ability. < / P > < p > tips: the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom: optical zoom can enlarge or reduce the shooting effect of the subject by changing the relative position of the camera lens module, and the optical zoom has no effect on the image quality; however, the digital zoom is violent, which is equivalent to cutting the photo and then zooming in, which will seriously reduce the image quality of the photo, which is a kind of “pseudo zoom”. At present, the mainstream mobile phones use fixed focus aperture, which is unable to achieve optical zoom. Zoom is still on the way. < / P > < p > although it is not scientific to emphasize the number of pixels one sidedly, if two mobile phones use the same size of sensor, the larger pixel is obviously more attractive. At least in good light, it does bring better resolution. < / P > < p > in fact, the higher the pixel size is, the better it is, because the sensor of the mobile phone is very small, and the pixels are densely arranged on it. The higher the pixel is, the greater the interference between different pixels will be, and the image quality will decline to a certain extent. The relationship between pixel and image quality presents a parabola when the size of the sensor remains unchanged. < / P > < p > tips: remember that you are buying a mobile phone, not a camera. You can’t ignore other functions of a mobile phone just because of its powerful photography function. < / P > < p > due to the inherent weakness of mobile phones, such as fixed focus lens, poor endurance and general stability, mobile phone manufacturers have developed a large number of photography accessories and obtained certain market recognition. < / P > < p > it is very practical to buy a large capacity power bank. Note: on domestic flights, the current CAAC stipulates that the rated energy of the power bank should not exceed 100wh without the approval of the airlines; however, the maximum capacity of the power bank can be carried after the approval of the aerospace company. After conversion, the capacity of the power bank below 27000 MAH can be carried. < / P > < p > at present, the vast majority of mobile phones use fixed aperture lens, and the field of view is unchanged. The so-called zoom function is digital zoom, which is equivalent to directly magnifying a picture, which has a great impact on image quality. In order to solve the problem that mobile phones can not zoom, many manufacturers have developed additional lenses such as macro lens, wide-angle lens, fisheye lens, long focus lens, polarizer, etc. < / P > < p > at present, there are two categories of mobile phone add-on lenses in the market: one is professional additional lenses, which are mainly external lens of Sony QX series and Olympus air series, with larger photosensitive elements, better image processor, and convenient lens. It is equivalent to a digital camera with display screen removed. It has better image quality, but larger volume and higher price, As a result, some users are limited. < / P > < p > the macro additional mirror is the recommended additional mirror. It can significantly improve the macro shooting ability of mobile phones, and the image quality is better than other additional mirrors, which can meet the needs of daily shooting flowers and plants. < / P > < p > some of the current selfie sticks can be compatible with apple and Android systems, and some only support one system. It needs to be clear when purchasing. Secondly, self timer sticks are equipped with mobile phone clips, so you should find a suitable type of mobile phone. < / P > < p > the selfie stick can be retractable, but it is not the longer the better. If it is too long, it will not only be too heavy, but also affect the stability of selfie. Generally, the length of about 0.8m is recommended. < / P > < p > aluminum alloy, good strength, light weight; plastic, good grip feeling, poor appearance and texture; carbon fiber, the best quality, relatively expensive price. According to their actual needs to determine. < / P > < p > some of the self timer bars can take pictures by remote control, some by the buttons on the self timer lever, and there is also a self timer rod which can be inserted into the ear hole line of the mobile phone through the connecting line, and the effect is good. < / P > < p > in the field of SLR accessories, tripod is very important. Considering the small size of the tripod, it is very slow to purchase a small tripod for shooting night scenes. < / P > < p > a more flexible tripod is recommended. It can flexibly change its shape to obtain more diversified shooting angles. It can also choose the tripod of spherical pan tilt and flexibly change the shooting angle. < / P > < p > the shutter cable of the mobile phone can be used only by inserting the earphone hole, which is very convenient, which is helpful for the slow door photography that needs to keep the mobile phone stable. If you don’t buy a shutter line, you can still shoot quietly through the function of self timer. Due to the small photosensitive element of mobile phone, the imaging quality in dark light is generally poor. Therefore, mobile phone photography is more suitable for the environment with good light, especially in the sunny day, the image quality of mobile phone photography can be maximized. < / P > < p > so, which are not suitable? As a matter of fact, mobile phones are the most convenient and easy-to-use photo taking tools. In essence, there is no unsuitable environment and theme. The difference lies in the quality of the pictures. It is emphasized here that due to the small sensor size and limited tolerance of the mobile phone, once the scene light is poor, such as night and dark room, the pictures taken by the mobile phone are prone to a lot of noise, and the details will be seriously lost. < / P > < p > so much has been said. Do you have a deep understanding of mobile phone photography? Being familiar with these is the first step for us to learn mobile photography systematically. In the following chapters, we will introduce the aperture, exposure, shutter and so on. Privacy Policy