Do you want to change the rules of the industry? Apple’s new version of IOS 14 system, this function caused controversy

From the Mac to the Microsoft Windows platform, to IOS devices not afraid of Google Android alliance, and the establishment of software + hardware + ecosystem platform, Apple has the power of “changing the industry, giving up one’s own”! < p > < p > in the new version of IOS 14 system, Apple has done a great deal in addition to various repairs! After the implementation of the book, the developers will feel embarrassed! < / P > < p > in Apple IOS 14 system, users can choose whether to share IDFA or not. Third party app developers must ask, this function has caused controversy! < / P > < p > the “IDFA” mentioned here is the “advertiser identifier” function. Apple assigns one to each device. For example, when using the iPhone to surf the Internet or run some apps, third-party advertisers track users’ data through IDFA. < / P > < p > so, don’t be too curious about “why didn’t you log in to your personal account, why is the advertisement so accurate” ~ many apps don’t need your login account, but can also get your personal preference “behavior portrait” through the IDFA identifier information on the device! < / P > < p > under normal circumstances, all apps can directly obtain the IDFA identifier, instead of asking users whether they agree to be tracked like “apply for microphone permission”. This is basically the “consensus” of the global industry. Apple even wants to move this field! < p > < p > according to the content mentioned in the ios14 update document, apple takes “protecting user privacy” as the probe point, and requires the third-party developers to comply with the new regulations: when obtaining the IDFA ID of the user’s device, the user must obtain the user’s manual click “agree” ~ < / P > < p > users can choose “limit advertisement tracking”, but the number of advertisements received will not decrease, it is just advertising The accuracy is not so high It is worth mentioning that Apple provides “restore advertisement identifier”, which is quite convenient. < / P > < p > although it has developed from traditional Internet to mobile Internet for many years, many Internet giants, including Google in the United States, make most of their profits from digital advertising. Apple has the courage to move this field! < p > < p > US Facebook even published an article: “prepare for ios14 for partners”, and awkwardly admitted the fact that Apple’s implementation of the new privacy protection strategy will have a very serious impact on Facebook and its partners! < / P > < p > it is said that Apple’s use of IDFA rights in IOS and other devices will lead to the “audience network” of Facebook advertising products, and the advertising revenue generated will drop by 50%! I’m afraid Facebook will make a big fall. Of course, other developers will do the same. < / P > < p > users are disgusted with the ubiquitous advertising information, but they will also be interested in some precise advertisements. Pure browsing, clicking and opening, and generating transactions have different advertising interests. This kind of “commercial behavior” is not illegal. It has to be said that there is no innovative idea to innovate new income, which is really the Internet industry’s standing still Internet users really need to think about a problem: how can service providers support “free” when they enjoy free Internet services? < / P > < p > Apple is trying to change the industry rules, raise the privacy rights to a new height, and let users have more control rights, which will greatly improve the user experience! However, it is not conducive to the development of the Internet industry. In the end, where is the user experience? < / P > < p > among the alternative solutions hotly discussed in the industry, there are “skadnetwork” and “CAID” provided by apple, and the corresponding ROI effect should be guaranteed! Otherwise, developers will lose their source of income, and the new privacy feature of IOS 14 ~ < / P > < p > will be delayed to the beginning of 2021! Many developers have more time to deal with the policy of gaining access to the IDFA ID of Apple devices. From this perspective, Apple may also feel the risk. < / P > < p > for apple, the loss of third-party developers will lead to an ecological platform crisis; for app developers, the loss of precision advertising will seriously affect their revenue; < / P > < p > for Apple users, what is the significance of losing devices that enrich app ecology? This is indeed a problem that needs to be solved, but it must be cautious. Privacy Policy