Does a person have the potential to be a leader? That’s what bosses usually look at

There are some strange phenomena in the workplace. Some people pay 100 points of effort, but the boss doesn’t look at him much. Some people only pay 60 points of effort, but the boss appreciates them. < / P > < p > if you work hard with 100 points and score 60 points, even if you are qualified, your leadership is worrying, and the boss seldom appreciates such a person. < / P > < p > on the contrary, if you only give 60 points of effort, but achieve 100 points, it means that you will mobilize resources, the leadership is good, and the road in the future may be wider and wider. < p > < p > in his book, RAM chalan, a famous management consulting master, calls the grassroots employees who are immersed in their own business and focus on improving their personal performance as individual contributors, and the people who are not only immersed in their own business but also can actively influence others and contribute to the whole organization as organizational contributors. < / P > < p > organizational contributors, as we often say, people with leadership, can leverage more resources and bring greater benefits. There is no doubt that it will have more voice and imagination in terms of salary, rising space and future path. < p > < p > the former assistant manager of our small company, I will be the deputy manager of our small company. After more than a month, xiaoyudai found that there were a lot of bumps in the business and in the collaboration of colleagues, and her instructions were not smooth. She attributed the reason to her being just an “agent”, whose name was not right, whose words were not right, and her colleagues could not be transferred. So she went to her boss and asked to become a regular. Unexpectedly, the boss took back her position as acting manager. < / P > < p > why? What the boss saw from this process is that this person will not be a leader, but will only “use power to suppress others”. In fact, this is the essential reason why many people can’t be promoted. They think that when they hold a management position and have “power”, they will be able to lead others naturally. Because of this kind of thinking, we neglect to develop our own leadership in basic positions. < / P > < p > the fact is that only when you show leadership in the basic position first, the boss will confidently give you the management position. So, in the basic position, how to show leadership? You can try the following three points: < / P > < p > there are no more than two kinds of authority. One is professional authority, which means that the person has been successful and convincing in this field; the other is personality authority, which comes from everyone’s recognition and trust. < / P > < p > the root of improving personality authority lies in the way of behavior. When we can act in accordance with a set of correct behavior for a long time, we will gradually accumulate the value of “personality authority” in other people’s hearts. < / P > < p > the advantage of doing so is that once the boss employs people, he will think about who is more reliable, and your consistent error free performance will leave a deep impression on the boss. < / P > < p > career planner Shao Yi often reminds the students that when we don’t achieve enough brilliant results, we can be a “mushroom” that can grow in any insignificant corner, and can endure odd jobs and errands. We can grow silently in the “dark place” and persevere in doing the little things in front of us. When the right time comes, we will have influence and get opportunities. < / P > < p > the biggest difference between employee thinking and leadership thinking is that employees often push away all the work they can push, while leaders are willing to take responsibility and accept challenges. < / P > < p > a real leader is actually a contributor. He is a valuable organizational contributor who actively takes responsibility, mobilizes resources and helps people solve problems. < / P > < p > what is the ability to turn small things into big things? Wei Zhe, the former president and CEO of Alibaba, is a person who can turn small things into big things. < / P > < p > before graduating from University, Wei Zhe went to a securities company as an intern and worked as the Secretary of the founder. The founder is very strict with his subordinates. He often changes secretaries around him, and many people are changed after less than a year. As a result, Wei Zhe not only worked for one year, but also became deputy general manager. < / P > < p > his secret is to treat small things as big things. For example, at the beginning, Wei Zhe was only responsible for translation and newspaper cutting. He would secretly observe what kind of news the boss had not seen, and then cut it out. When printing materials, he will adjust the font and size according to the habits and preferences of the leaders, so that the other party can look comfortable. < / P > < p > he also sorted the materials according to their importance, rather than piling them up like a general secretary. After a long time, the founder looked at Wei Zhe with new eyes and simply asked him to write his report and speech for him. < / P > < p > Wei Zhe didn’t write well at the beginning, and was often asked to rework, but he revised it over and over again, and finally got recognition. Wei Zhe was soon promoted to deputy general manager of asset management department and became the youngest deputy general manager in domestic securities industry at that time. That year, he was only 24 years old. < / P > < p > for example, Wei Zhe, when sorting out documents, does not do manual work mechanically, but thinks about how to help his boss get high-quality information and how to save his time. At the same time, he will also think about his boss’s actions after delivering the documents and materials. He will sort the materials for his boss in advance, which is to extend his work downstream to ensure better results. < / P > < p > it’s like when you go to have a haircut, the general barber will ask you: how do you want to cut it? A good barber will ask you: what kind of hairstyle do you like? What kind of haircut have you had? What kind of hairstyle is popular recently for you? After the communication is clear, we can start to cut it. Ordinary hairdressers just cut their hair. Excellent hairdressers will extend to the upper reaches of haircuts to meet our inner expectations. < / P > < p > the opinions and experiences that Bridgewater founder Rui Dalio wants employees to share on any occasion are recorded. Then, the company will verify whether this experience has been copied and used by everyone through employee voting or post test. Everyone has a copy of the effect of the weight score, after the evaluation, the score will be adjusted. < / P > < p > if your experience is wrong or not of practical use, your score will be lower; if your experience is validated by many people, your score will be very high. Rui Dalio believes that the more people use your experience and methods, the more powerful you are, the more prestige you will have in the company, and naturally you will have a higher position. < p > < p > > the more people you have in your team, the more influence you will have. < / P > < p > in one book, it introduces a personnel system of Jingdong, which is called backup system. Jingdong stipulates that if you are in the position of deputy director or above, you must find a successor after working in the same position for two years, which is equivalent to backup. Moreover, the successor must be recognized by the company. < / P > < p > Why did JD do this? This is to maintain the continuity of their own organization, not because a person controls a business for a long time, or a business can not do without a person, resulting in systemic risk. < / P > < p > some people in the workplace worry that if they share their skills with others, there will be a phenomenon of “teaching apprentices and starving masters”. The fact is that while you copy your skills, you are also exporting your influence. < / P > < p > therefore, people with leader thinking are good at replicating their own abilities. What they pursue is not their own irreplaceability, but learning to contribute to the continuity of the organization. < / P > < p > this book uses eight chapters and 150000 words to tell a clear story about how to make an ordinary person a person with leadership through the case stories of well-known enterprises and entrepreneurs. < / P > < p > it’s especially suitable for people working in the workplace, enterprises and institutions. There are a lot of dry goods in each chapter of the book. How to mobilize colleagues? How to lead subordinates? How to make good use of superior resources? How to make the organization work for me? Each chapter is the most concerned and should know content of the workplace. I have benefited a lot from reading it. I understand what a leader should do to convince the people below. < / P > < p > there is no need for intrigue, no need to think hard to make management simple and transparent. If you have prospects and expectations for your career promotion, but lack of methods, I suggest you read this book, I believe it will help you! If you are already a middle-level leader, but there are many obstacles in the process of management, I also suggest you read this book. 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