Does China Mobile have any advantages?

According to the requirements of China mobile operators, whether 4G users purchase recommended packages or optional packages, voice gear and traffic gear are indispensable options, which cannot be bypassed.

after the official opening of the network transfer service with the number, mobile has been somewhat embarrassed. According to the published data of the number carrying network transfer, China Telecom has become the biggest winner, while China mobile users show a negative growth. According to the survey, 76.8% of the people think that the high charges of operators are the main reason for the network transfer with the number.

among the three major operators, Telecom’s tariff is the lowest, so its transferred personnel are also the highest. Take the minimum package as an example. The minimum Telecom package I currently use is a 5 yuan package, which is free of charge for phone calls and text messages, and free caller ID. Compared with mobile’s 8 yuan package, it’s 3 yuan cheaper.

at present, mobile has to deal with package, and the cheapest package is 8 yuan package. This minimum package was discontinued for some time this year. It’s also due to the fact that the data of mobile number transfer is too ugly. Now the 8 yuan package is reopened. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia